Month: January 2012

Apple Stock Pushes Downward Slightly

Apple Inc (AAPL)  took a small dip after a fairly rambunctious morning trading session.  With no clear definition in the market prior to 10am, trading stayed in the $447 USD a share range.  However, with the start of MacWorld today and no Apple presence, the stock began to take s slow downward spiral until stabilizing […]

Karelia Releases Sandvox 2.5

Karelia Software has released an update to their Sandvox Website Creator.  Sandvox is an easy to use website creation package which allows users to create entire websites within a matter of minutes rather than days and weeks. Sandvox 2.5 has included some automatic features allowing notifications to be sent to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even […]

Apple Stock Pulls Back Slightly

Apple, Inc. (AAPL) soared to more than 455 USD yesterday, however today, it is trading down ad 446.50 as of 5:14pm EST.  Apple’s stock price shot up more than 30 dollars a share immediately after first quarter profits for 2012 were announced on the 24th. The stock traded mostly flat on the day as several […]

Opera Browser for Mac Updated

Opera Software ASA has posted an update for their Opera Browser.  The update, version 11.61.1250 updates a bevy of issues in a number of realms within the software including: User interface Issues New web handlers tab in the Site Preferences dialog cut off, dialog not wide enough Crash when clicking “Use master password to protect […]