A.P.P.L.E. Announces The WOZPAK Special Edition: Steve Wozniak’s Apple-1 & Apple II Computers


Seattle, Washington — 23 July 2013 — Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange is proud to announce The WOZPAK Special Edition: Steve Wozniak’s Apple-1 & Apple II Computers.  This book has been a year long collaboration between Bill Martens and Brian Wiser and brings out the best quality and spirit of what The WOZPAK was and is.

Originally produced in 1978 by Val Golding and Dick Hubert, this book was at the time one of the only technical resources for the Apple II computer.  The WOZPAK and its sequel, The WOZPAK II, have been out of print since 1980.

The WOZPAK Special Edition combines all of the unique materials in the WOZPAK and WOZPAK II, putting them into a single volume containing original handwritten notes, printouts and drawings from Steve Wozniak and other contributors on the Apple-1 and Apple II computers.  The original material was provided directly by Steve Wozniak and then Apple Computer, Inc. president Mike Scott.

There are also new introductions from computing industry legends Steve Wozniak, Randy Wigginton, Andy Hertzfeld, Keith Walls, Robert Clardy, and Wendell Sander who contributed to the original WOZPAK and WOZPAK II and share their thoughts of that time.


Key Features

– First truly technical manual for the Apple II, out of print since 1978, now dramatically improved.

– Forwards from computing industry legends Steve Wozniak, Randy Wigginton, Andy Hertzfeld, Keith Walls, Robert Clardy, and Wendell Sander.

– Over 35 articles, programs and other items covering the 1977-1979 time frame

– Handwritten notes, drawings and program listings from Steve Wozniak and other computing legends.

– 10 pages on the Apple-1 Monitor listing by Steve Wozniak

– More than 350 perfect bound 8.5″ x 11″ pages.

– Introduced and produced by two long-time Apple historians, Brian Wiser and Bill Martens.



Details and information about The WOZPAK Special Edition by going to The WOZPAK Special Edition website at http://wozpak.callapple.org.  The book will be available for $39.95 through the Lulu Bookstore.

Contributors to the WOZPAK Special Edition:

Steve Wozniak — Creator of the Apple-1 and Apple II computers, co-founder of Apple, Inc.

Randy Wigginton — Apple Employee #6, Re-wrote BASIC for the Apple II and wrote the disk routines for Apple DOS

Andy Hertzfeld — Apple programmer, Apple Employee #435, Original Macintosh Team Member, Designer of Google+

Keith Walls — Early Apple enthusiast and Apple intern, creator of the lower case modification for the Apple II

Bob Clardy — A.P.P.L.E. member and former treasurer, Founder of Synergistic Software.

Wendell Sander — Former Fairchild Semiconductor employee, Apple III creator, Apple Employee #16


Production Editors:

Bill Martens — Apple enthusiast, Programmer, President of Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange (A.P.P.L.E.)

Brian Wiser — Apple enthusiast, Archivist, Film Director of “Done The Impossible,” Beagle Bros and Applied Engineering webmaster



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