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Apple Introduces new iPad

Tim Cook took the stage today in San Francisco and quickly worked through a number of stats, finally introducing Japanese Siri and then the new upgraded Apple TV.  However, that was not the highlight.  The iPad 3 came up on the screen, sleeker, and smoother, with Retina Display and Quad Core Graphics with the Apple 5X CPU.   The machine comes with a 5 megapixel camera and has 1080P Video Recording.   It has standard voice dictation and is  4G LTE next generation wireless.     Verizon, Rogers, Bell, Telus, and AT&T will all be LTE partners.   All of the new iPads will come with 3G so they will work globally.

The iPad 3 can also now act as a hotspot for your wireless devices. The battery life on the new iPad will be 10 hours and 9 hours for 4G LTE  The Ipad 3 will come in 3 models: 16gb, 32gb, and 64gb with the pricing at $499/$599/$699 unless you want 4G and then it is $629/$729/$829.

The new iPad 3 will be available on 16 March in the main countries including Japan and then additional countries on March 23rd.  The iPad 2 will continue to be available for $399 for the 16gb model.  Wi-Fi + 3G will be $529.


Apple Introduces Siri in Japanese

Apple’s Tim Cook has announced that Siri will be available in Japanese and will be rolling out the software within the coming weeks.  Siri allows users to control their iPhones with a series of voice commands getting information and instructions from the device.  While Apple has rolled out the typical Germanic languages and romance languages, this will be the first of the asianic languages available on the iPhone 4S.

Apple Store Now Offline in Anticpation of New Products

The Apple Store has been taken offline in anticipation of updates from this morning’s Apple Event in San Francisco.  The event in which the highly anticipated iPad 3 or iPadHD as some are calling it may also feature Apple’s latest rendition of the Apple TV unit which allows users to watch iTunes Store movies on their television.   While no hard details are out yet, there are a ton of rumors swirling around with everything from a complete new television to a major upgrade to the products.

The Apple store going offline is now normal practice prior to the Apple events and usually, it comes back online just after the products are announced.

The Apple store is at:

Many in Media Fooled by Fake Phil Schiller Account

Many in the media this morning were fooled by the Fake Phil Schiller account saying “Apple won’t be streaming the live event tomorrow”.  While it is a forgone conclusion that this would not happen anyways primarily due to Apple’s recent policy concerning such events, it is surprising that mainstream media outlets including Cult of Mac, 9to5Mac, ValueWalk and AppleInsider would be fooled by a twitter account that only had 37 tweets.

Fake Account:!/pschiiler/status/177142087869935616

Real Account:!/pschiller

Update:  Just after we went to press with this article, the Cult of Mac , 9to5Mac and AppleInsider have deleted their article completely other than the links and tweets going to the removed link, and for their part, Twitter deleted the Fake Phil Schiller account as well.   Thus none of the links are working other than the real  account.  ValueWalk still had their posting up with a photo of the original posting from the fake account. 

Unfortunately, the story propagated to many of the automatic feeds as well as news sources like Tech Investor news so it is likely to be floating around as a headline for the remainder of the day, but the content is not available any longer.

No Temporary Apple Store for 2012 South By South West

In 2011, Apple opened a temporary Apple Store at the South By Southwest Interacive Festival, a gathering of social media, music and other media types.   The iPad 2 was released on March 2nd just as the festival was beginning and Apple made out handily.  However, Apple is confirming  that there will be  no such temporary store at this years SXSW event.

This year’s South By Southwest Interactive Festival is due to start on March 9th and go until March 18th.  With Apple now showing any interest in this years’ event, many are speculating that the iPad 3 or iPad HD as some are calling it will not be available until after the end of the festival.


Apple Specific Coupons Now on CouponBuzz

CouponBuzz has announced the immediate availability of Apple Inc. specific coupons on their website.   The Coupons which are available on the CouponBuzz website are specifically attuned to the special sales which the Apple Store offers.

According to CouponBuzz’s Senior Director, Justin Bowen, “The Apple Store is a wonderland of information and user-friendly interfaces that will walk the customer through every aspect of their new purchase.  Shopping online at the Apple Store is a truly enjoyably experience, one that is even more enjoyable if you have some great Apple coupon codes to apply at checkout.”

You can find the Apple Specific CouponBuzz page at:

Angry Birds is Apple’s Best Selling App in iTunes App Store

Apple has release a list of their top 25 Best selling Apps and at the top of the list is Angry Birds.  The Rovio produced game has been at the top of the list on most iPhones and iPads for a good long while now, with several renditions of the game available, however, the original still tops the list.  Rovio also holds two more slots of the top 10 with Angry Birds Seasons coming in at 5th and Angry Birds Rio at 8th on the list.

In the free Apps category, Facebook is the top downloaded app, which should really come as no surprise considering the 700 million users on Facebook.  Skype comes in at 4th on the free Apps list which is a really big surprise considering how popular the app is on other platforms.

You can check out the entire list on the iTunes App Store at:


AAPL : Apple Stocks Fall Over 2 Percent in Trading Today

After a meteoric rise over the past week, Apple Inc. (AAPL) shares fell from a record high of $548.21 USD per share to close today at $533.16 USD per share.  Shares had been up in expectation of the latest rendition of the Apple iPad which is due out in a scheduled Apple event on March 7th.   It is also expected that Apple will introduce the 3rd version of it’s Apple TV product at the same event.  The fall of the shares today put the share price down 2.20% or $12.02 USD per share on the day.

Apple Announces Winner of $10,000 USD Prize for 25 Billionth Download

Apple has finally announced that a user in China was the winner of the Apple Inc. sponsored prize for downloading the 25 billionth iTunes App.  The user, one Chunli Fu of Qungdao, China downloaded the free Disney app, “Where’s My Water” to push the download mark over the 25 billion mark.  He will receive $10,000 USD in the iTunes App Store int he form of a gift card.

Currently, there are more than 550,000 apps in the iTunes App Store and now more than 170,000 of those apps are iPad native apps.  According to Apple, they have paid out more than $4 Billion USD to the developers of those apps.

Source: Apple

Apple Updates Application Loader to Version 2.5.1

Apple has updated the Application Loader for iTunes Connect.   iTunes Connect allows those authors using the iBooks Author Application to publish their books in the Apple iBookstore. The Version 2.5.1 update of the Application Loader  includes the following enhancements and fixes:

  • Improved error messaging
  • Creating and sending In-App Purchase details for apps directly from Application Loader
  • Send to Apple command now creates logs for troubleshooting delivery issues
  • Updated system requirements and newly supported formats
  • Updated server IP addresses and port information


You can find more information about this update and the complete Application Loader guide at:

You will need an iTunes Connect account in order to log into this page.