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Apple’s iPhone 6 Intro to Occur on Sept. 9


Apple has announced an event on September 9th at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, Ca.  The event which has been long expected by those following the iPhone 6.  The schedule currently has the event beginning at 10am PST.

Also expected to be introduced are a number of other related products including a new version of iTunes, iOS 8,  and the iWatch among others. While the iTunes and iOS 8 are pretty much a foregone conclusion due to the introduction of the iPhone 6, the iWatch and other product introductions are still much more of a mystery.

Slated for release sometime this fall is also Mac OS X version 10.10 and this could be the point where Apple release it as well.  Also expected in some circles is an update to the seemingly archaic Newsstand which has been without much love in the industry lately.  An Apple introduction of a version of iBooks Author for Newsstand could potentially corner the magazine publishing market as well.

It is unknown if Apple will live-stream the event but if they do, it will likely be on their Apple Events page at http://www.apple.com/apple-events/

Scott Forstall out as Software Chief at Apple, Inc.

Tim Cook has brought out the hatchet in the aftermath of the failed launch of Apple’s Maps on iOS.   Software Chief Scott Forstall, who was seen by many as the next CEO of Apple is the first of those to go.   With the debacle with the iOS 6.0 release with Apple’s maps, many customer were absolutely adamant that Scott be fired, yet Tim Cook seemed reluctant to take action.   That is no longer the case and Scott will only serve in an advisory role to Tim Cook, but will no longer be responsible for any Apple projects.

Scott’s position and responsibilities will be transferred to Eddy Cue, who has seen a more public role in the past two years, even prior to Steve Job’s passing.  These responsibilities will be added in addition to his current role as the Internet Software and Services Chief and in the education realm of Apple’s efforts.

Apple makes event video available for all browsers

The event video from the 23 October launch of the iPad mini is now available on the Apple event website.  Initially, the video was only viewable in safari but it is now available for all browsers.

The october 23rd event saw the introduction of a slew of new products including:

  • new iMac
  • new Mac Mini with 16gb Ram
  • new Mac book pro 13 inch with retina display
  • iPad 4
  • iPad mini

Also introduced in the event was iBooks 3 with continuous scrolling as well as iBooks Author 2.0.

You can view the event video at:


Apple Event Introducing iPhone 5 now online

Tim Cook, in an invitation only event in Sanfrancisco, introduced the iPhone 5 this morning.  The event which was held at the Beuna Yerba Center had a bevy of new announcements in regard to the iPhone / iPod series including the iPod Touch, iPod Nano and the iPhone 5.   Apple has posted the event in its entirety on its website  here:


iPhone 5 Event Invitations Sent Out By Apple

Apple has finally put an end to months of speculation concerning the iPhone 5.   With many different rumors and fake images swirling, Apple has announced that they will hold an event on the 12th of September.

The event will take place at 10am PST at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.  This has been the location of all of the recent Apple events outside of the Education event held in New York.

While apple generally does not announce specifically what products they will announce the fact that the invitation is a 12 which is the date casting a 5 shadow means that this is the only real possibility based on the current product line.  Speculation on the iPad mini also has been rampant, however, Apple has a tradition of waiting until February to announce iPad updates.

Apple Store is Down in Preparation for WWDC

The Apple Store, which is the center of the Apple consumer universe has been shut down in preparation for the pending announcements coming in today’s keynote at WWDC. The World Wide Developers Conference, held each year at Muscone Center in San Francisco, is the place to be today as Apple shows their developers the future direction of the product lines.

Many rumors surrounding the conference are expecting an entire renewal of the Apple MacBook Pro line of products as well as the next generation of iOS. iOS 6 features, while sketchy are expected to leave the first generation iPad and the third generation iPod touch in the doldrums of no upgrade path. While this may seem a bit unfair to some consumers, this is fairly typical of Apple’s concept of pushing forward without looking back too hard.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is slated to give the keynote address in just under three hours from now and already there are lines beginning to accrue outside of the main conference hall. Stay tuned for more WWDC announcements as we get them.

Apple Sold 35.1 Million iPhones and 11.8 Million iPads 2nd Quarter

Apple announced their quarterly profits today with their net profits up a whopping 94% over 2nd quarter 2011.   During 2nd quarter 2012, Apple sold a total of 35.1 million iPhones and 11.8 million iPads resulting in a quarterly net profit of 11.8 Billion USD during the quarter.  They also sold 7.7 million ipods during the same quarter.  The number of iOS devices is now over 365 million devices thanks to to the sales of the devices this previous quarter.

Apple’s cash on hand reached a staggering 110.2 billion USD, which is a 12.6 billion increase over the previous quarter.  Apple is planning to pay a $2.55 per share dividend at the end of 3rd quarter 2012.

Apple Introduces new iPad

Tim Cook took the stage today in San Francisco and quickly worked through a number of stats, finally introducing Japanese Siri and then the new upgraded Apple TV.  However, that was not the highlight.  The iPad 3 came up on the screen, sleeker, and smoother, with Retina Display and Quad Core Graphics with the Apple 5X CPU.   The machine comes with a 5 megapixel camera and has 1080P Video Recording.   It has standard voice dictation and is  4G LTE next generation wireless.     Verizon, Rogers, Bell, Telus, and AT&T will all be LTE partners.   All of the new iPads will come with 3G so they will work globally.

The iPad 3 can also now act as a hotspot for your wireless devices. The battery life on the new iPad will be 10 hours and 9 hours for 4G LTE  The Ipad 3 will come in 3 models: 16gb, 32gb, and 64gb with the pricing at $499/$599/$699 unless you want 4G and then it is $629/$729/$829.

The new iPad 3 will be available on 16 March in the main countries including Japan and then additional countries on March 23rd.  The iPad 2 will continue to be available for $399 for the 16gb model.  Wi-Fi + 3G will be $529.


Tim Cook to Speak at Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference

Apple Inc. (AAPL) CEO, Tim Cook will speak at the Goldman Sach’s (GS) Technology and Internet Conference tomorrow at 12:30 PM Pacific Time.  The Apple Investor Relations page has a direct link for the audio portion of the speech.  Tim will be among a host of CEO’s and IT industry companies speaking at the conference about the future and direction of their companies.

Many people are expecting he will be announcing the upcoming Apple iPad 3 event but his focus may be on the cash hoard that Apple is sitting on and how Apple Inc. plans to use that cash.   If you would like to hear the speech, you can follow along at:


Apple Stock Down $1.58 in Pre-Market Trading

Apple is starting this week where it ended last week on a downward spiral.   While the record highs hit last week are still freah in people’s minds, the $445.70 USD per share at 8:17 AM EST is off by 1.58 or 0.35% per share.  News over the weekend included news of the lawsuit against Apple and other tech giants for colluding to prevent employees from jumping from one company to another,  While these claims have not been substantiated, they are the first serious challenge for Apple post Profit announcement.  There was also Tim Cooks response to the accusation that Apple is exploiting cheap Chinese labor and that Apple really didn’t care about the people building the products.