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The Northern Spy — New and Better

The Northern Spy

by Rick Sutcliffe Apple’s new introductions this month are the iPhoneXR and XS, plus the Watch series 4. The latter is becoming more interesting with each new generation, and smart watches seem to have found their principal niche as fitness assistants. The Spy notes, however, that some insurance companies are offering special rates for customers […]

Tome of Copy Protection Errata

We’re announcing the availability of the Tome of Copy Protection Errata.  Anyone who purchased the Tome of Copy Protection prior to August 21, 2018 will find this errata useful. This errata is based on dozens of hours of discussion between a number of members of the Apple II community and author Lane Roathe.  Additional credit […]

Two New Episodes of the Eaten by a Grue Podcast Posted

The “Eaten by a Grue” podcast, run by Kevin Savetz and Carrington Vanston, has announced the release of two new episodes of their popular Infocom based podcast. Two, yes TWO, new episodes of the #EatenByAGrue podcast are posted today, both recorded at @KansasFest #a2kfest #interactivefiction — Kevin Savetz (@KevinSavetz) August 7, 2018 The two […]

RetroMacCast Episode 274 Released

The RetroMacCast Episode 274 is now available on the RetroMacCast website.   This episode includes discussions on: The latest interesting eBay finds including an Apple organizer, 2c flat panel collection, and brass paperweight. Discussions about  General Magic, and news includes World Emoji Day, Apple employee #345, and using a IIsi today. You can hear Episode 274 […]

The Northern Spy — The Fourth Law Revisited

The Northern Spy

First mentioned here back in 2005, and oft referenced since, the Spy’s Fourth Law: Marketshare lags mindshare by two to five years. has proven a robust marketplace staple, applicable to both entire technology companies and individual products. On the way to becoming the global technology giant, Apple earned mindshare with meticulously designed and executed hardware […]