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Update to eBook Release of What’s Where in the Apple

This past week, we mentioned ( the forthcoming re-release of William F. Luebbert’s popular Apple ][ book, What’s Where in the Apple in eBook format.   Today we have further news and more accurate pricing schedules based on information we received from the publisher, Robert Tripp: 1.  The price is going to be $19.95 but people […]

New Apple ][ Series Users Guide to be released in 10 days

David Finnigan, the curator of the website has published a new Apple ][ series users guide. The guide ( is currently 10 days from being released to the general public and is already available for pre-order on the Barnes & Noble online book store at: for the price of $13.50 USD Although the […]

Free (legal) E-books from Project Gutenberg

I’ll admit this isn’t strictly a Mac oriented post. None the less it is still useful for the Apple//, Mac, and other communities. When people see something like the title of the post the reaction is pretty much the same as when a politician says “Trust me”. In this case the people operating this organisation […]

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