AppleIIGo Java Based Emulator Updated


AppleIIGo version 1.0.9 has been fully implemented.  AppleIIGo is the emulator which currently runs the Java based version of the Virtual Apple II pages. Updates to the emulator include:

– fixed disk speed-up bug (Sherwood Forest reads with the drive motor off)
– added check for 2IMG header ID
– fixed processor status bugs in BRK, PLP, RTI, NMI, IRQ

The source code for the emulator will be available once we confirm that there are no issues with this release.  Thanks go out to Nick Westgate for the fixes and changes in the emulator


To download the current JAR or the latest source code for the emulator, go to:



Applewin Emulator Updated to Version 1.24.0


The Applewin Apple2 Emulator has been updated to version 1.24.0.  Applewin is currently being maintained by Tom Charlesworth.  According to the posting on CSA2, this update is intended to address a number of issues with the emulator as shown below:

1.24.0 – 11 Jan 2014
. Support cursor keys (in addition to numpad) when using keyboard for joystick emulation
. Support auto-fire for all 3 joystick buttons (via Config->Input)
. [Feature #5668] Added confirmation message box for reboot (F2)
. [Feature #5715] Added -no-printscreen-dlg to suppress the warning if AppleWin fails to capture the PrintScreen key
. Changed save-state file persisted to Registry from filename to pathame
. [Feature #5105] Added About dialog showing GPL (at startup, but only when AppleWin version changes)

. [Bug #19154] ProDOS Order 2IMG crashing
. [Support #103098] Sometimes swapping disk could cause INIT to fail with ERROR #8
. Fixed save-state bug for when 4K BANK1 is dirty (previously it would save the stale data instead)
. [Bug #18723,#19070] Mouse movement for CopyII+9.1 and ProTERM3.1

. Added “disk info” command
. [Bug #18940] Extend BSAVE and BLOAD Command To Memory Banks 0 and 1

The latest update of the Applewin emulator can be downloaded from Berlios at:

Also, according to Tom,  the Win8 full-screen issue has *not* been addressed yet.   As always, problems with the emulator can be reported to the Applewin team by filing a bug report on Berlios or by posting a note on CSA2.  To submit a bug report on Berlios, go to:

Virtual II Emulator Updated to Version 7.3


The Virtual ][ Emulator for  Mac OS X has been updated.  Version 7.3 was released with a host of new fixes and updates including:

  • The “No Slot Clock” now reports Monday as weekday no. 1. Previously it reported Sunday as day no. 1, which was incorrect.
  • Added Applescript properties for better control of the connected devices.
  • The application preferences now offer two color schemes for high resolution rendering.
  • The Inspector now retains its window positions when the virtual machine is restarted.
  • Fixed several layout and font issues in the Inspector.
  • “Set Disk Properties” in the Media menu no longer refuses volume numbers 0 and 255.

You can download the shareware version of the Virtual ][ Emulator from http://www.virtualii.com/

10,000 Apple II screenshots added to Mac GUI Vault

What is this file? That’s a good question when it comes to these Apple II files which often have pretty cryptic names, such as “Mmgrdosinst.” Earlier this month, file catalogs were added to show the contents of ShrinkIt archives and disk images, but that only helps a little. Having a screenshot of what the program looks like is a much more valuable asset.

To that end, exactly 10,657 screenshots are now available for 4,668 8-bit Apple II programs in Mac GUI Vault. Files with screenshots will have anywhere from 1 to 4 screenshots.

The entire process was automated from start to finish, using AppleScript and Gerard Putter’s Virtual ][ emulator. In fact, Mr. Putter’s emulator was the only choice, as it was the only scriptable emulator. A series of sophisticated algorithms sifted through 21,000 candidate screenshots to eliminate exact duplicates, near duplicates, and other low-quality screenshots to return only the best possible screenshots for each program.

Special thanks goes to the afore-mentioned Mr. Putter for his assistance in the process. Any one interested in a detailed description of the process and algorithms used could read this blog entry.

Following are some example files with screenshots: Taxman and Apple PanicDragon’s Eye.

Virtual ][ Emulator for Mac Updated


Gerard Puter, developer of the Virtual ][ Emulator has released a maintenance update to the Apple ][ emulator.  Version 7.2.1 addresses an issue with sound compatibility in the emulator with Mac OS X 10.7.

Virtual ][ is a Mac based Apple ][ Emulator which contains many advanced features including Print to PDF as well as interface card control.   The program is shareware and costs $49.95 for the full version of the program.

You can download the latest version of the Virtual ][ Emulator from the Virtual ][ website at:


Virtual II Emulator Updated to Version 7.1


Gerard Puter, the developer of the Virtual ][ Emulator has released an update to the emulator.  Virtual ][ Version 7.1 is primarily a bug fix release witht he following items changed:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Apple II screen pixels to be randomly shown or hidden.
  • Improved implementation of the “mounted OS X folder” feature to fix an incompatibility with EDASM.
  • Some of the Applescript demos didn’t work in version 7.0; this has been fixed.

Virtual ][ is a full fledged GUI interfaced Apple ][ emulator for Mac OS X.  You must have at least Mac OS X 10.4 to use the latest version of this emulator.  The shareware version of the Virtual II Emulator can be downloaded from the Virtual ][ website at:


JACE Apple ][ Emulator Updated


Brendan Robert has announced a minor bug fix update to the JAVA Apple Computer Emulator or JACE as it is known. The JACE 12-30-12 update includes the following fixes:

+ Leaving fullscreen mode caused a blue border to appear at the top, shifting the whole display area down.  This has been corrected.
+ Mouse pointer was not properly positioned when in fullscreen mode, especially when proportional mode (F8) is active.  This is now fixed, with an optional fix to fix the Y-coordinate of the mouse in fullscreen mode in Linux environments (I’n not sure if the bug is present in other platforms so I made it possible to disable the fix from the mouse configuration)

For more information about JACE or to download the latest version, you can go to the JACE website at:


Apple II Emulator Jace 2012-10-31 released

Brendan Robert has released a new and improved version of his Java Apple II emulator.


] 65c02 CPU emulation is now 100%, tested and verified thanks to Klaus Dormann’s test suite: https://github.com/redline6561/cl-6502/blob/b008…nctional_test.a65

] Overall CPU usage is way down thanks to recent changes:
Video generation rolled into main thread and this made things a lot more efficient
Switched to older timer model, newer lock-based timers were considerably slower
Memory listener model streamlined to be more efficient

] Skyfox now detects mockingboard in slot 4
] Pitfall II detects mockingboard and plays perfectly!
] Disk II speedup hack now provided as a configuration option (previously, speedup hacks were always enabled to max the emulator speed when disk is in use)
] Hayes smartmodem now has UI activity indicators

Some folks reported in the past intermittent issues where the emulator would hang on start and never actually begin executing the rom (symptom: Screen with alternating checkerboard and inverse @ symbols). I believe this release fixes that problem once and for all.

This is the most stable and efficient build to date, I hope it is useful to your folks!

Download the latest version here.

OpenEmulator 1.0.3 Review

Just the other day, Marc S. Ressl released the latest version of his Apple II emulator for Mac OS X.

OpenEmulator, written by Marc S. Ressl, is the most exciting new Apple II emulator around. Designed to replicate down to the littlest details the experience of using real Apple II hardware, this free, open-source emulator succeeds in providing the full effect!

The latest version, 1.0.3, adds emulation of the Apple II Plus and J-Plus computers, as well as the Disk II drive and many other peripherals. This version finally lifts OpenEmulator from an interesting novelty to something far more useful. In time, it will come to challenge the top emulators for Mac OS X systems, Virtual II and Sweet16. OpenEmulator 1.0.3 requires a Macintosh running OS X 10.6 or 10.7. Older versions of OpenEmulator were compatible with OS X 10.5; it would be nice if this compatibility could be restored.

The attention to detail is astounding. The Disk II interface card, for example, can be configured with either the 16 sector or 13 sector PROM, something that I’ve never seen in an emulator. Furthermore, the sounds of the Disk II drive are also provided, and they can be shifted between the original Shugart mechanism and the newer Alps model. Disk I/O errors are every bit as horrific as they are on the original, with the drive head thrashing itself into track 0 in an attempt to recalibrate. Make sure your speakers aren’t up too loud!

Read the full review at Mac GUI.

OpenEmulator 1.0.3 Released

Marc Ressl has released the latest version of his OpenEmulator.  The OpenEmulator emulates a number of machines and will eventually include the entire Apple II series in its emulator core.  At the moment, version 1.0.3 includes the following features:

  • Added the 1979 Apple II plus and Apple II j-plus
  • Added the 1979 Disk II drives and interface card (13 and 16 sector), with support for DSK, DO, D13, PO, CPM, NIB, 2IMG, FDI, DiskCopy 4.2, V2D disk images
  • Added the 1979 Apple 16K Language Card
  • Added the 1979 Apple Graphics Tablet interface and card
  • Added the 1979 Videx Videoterm 80 column card, with cycle accurate MC6845 emulation
  • Added the R&D CFFA interface card for mounting PO, 2IMG, HDV, HDF, DiskCopy 4.2, VDI (VirtualBox) and VMDK (VMWare disk image) disk images
  • Fixed CTRL keyboard problems in Apple II’s
  • Added applesoft-lite 0.4 to Briel Replica-1

You can download the OpenEmulator for Mac OS X at: