JACE Apple ][ Emulator Updated

Brendan Robert has announced a minor bug fix update to the JAVA Apple Computer Emulator or JACE as it is known. The JACE 12-30-12 update includes the following fixes: + Leaving fullscreen mode caused a blue border to appear at the top, shifting the whole display area down.  This has been corrected. + Mouse pointer […]

Apple II Emulator Jace 2012-10-31 released

Brendan Robert has released a new and improved version of his Java Apple II emulator.   ] 65c02 CPU emulation is now 100%, tested and verified thanks to Klaus Dormann’s test suite: https://github.com/redline6561/cl-6502/blob/b008…nctional_test.a65 ] Overall CPU usage is way down thanks to recent changes: Video generation rolled into main thread and this made things a lot […]

OpenEmulator 1.0.3 Released

Marc Ressl has released the latest version of his OpenEmulator.  The OpenEmulator emulates a number of machines and will eventually include the entire Apple II series in its emulator core.  At the moment, version 1.0.3 includes the following features: Added the 1979 Apple II plus and Apple II j-plus Added the 1979 Disk II drives […]