Virtual ][ Emulator for Mac Updated


Gerard Puter, developer of the Virtual ][ Emulator has released a maintenance update to the Apple ][ emulator.  Version 7.2.1 addresses an issue with sound compatibility in the emulator with Mac OS X 10.7.

Virtual ][ is a Mac based Apple ][ Emulator which contains many advanced features including Print to PDF as well as interface card control.   The program is shareware and costs $49.95 for the full version of the program.

You can download the latest version of the Virtual ][ Emulator from the Virtual ][ website at:


Virtual II Emulator Updated to Version 7.1


Gerard Puter, the developer of the Virtual ][ Emulator has released an update to the emulator.  Virtual ][ Version 7.1 is primarily a bug fix release witht he following items changed:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Apple II screen pixels to be randomly shown or hidden.
  • Improved implementation of the "mounted OS X folder" feature to fix an incompatibility with EDASM.
  • Some of the Applescript demos didn't work in version 7.0; this has been fixed.

Virtual ][ is a full fledged GUI interfaced Apple ][ emulator for Mac OS X.  You must have at least Mac OS X 10.4 to use the latest version of this emulator.  The shareware version of the Virtual II Emulator can be downloaded from the Virtual ][ website at:


Apple II Game Server 3.1 now Avaialble for Download


The Latest version of Brendan Robert’s Apple // Game Server  is now available from the Apple // Game Server Sourceforge website.  Of particular note with version 3.1 of Apple // Game Server is the requirement of Java 6 on machines using the Apple // Game Server progam.

The Apple // Game Server allows the user to send floppies directly to the Apple II computer over a serial connection, eliminating the need for floppies to play games on an original Apple II series computer.   Initially designed for the Apple //c, Apple // Game Server now works on all Apple II series computers.  A working serial connection between your computer and the Apple II computer is required.

Features included in Apple // Game Server version 3.1 are as follows:

+ Better and more reliable startup bootstrap method.  Rock solid now, and super-fast!
+ Abandoned Java 5 support to cut download size in half.  You must have Java 6 or OpenJDK 6 or better to use this program now, sorry.
+ Added more screenshots for games.
+ Better graphics dithering using Floyd-Steinberg dithering, now screenshots look a little better.
+ Readme file has been updated with more relevant instructions and troubleshooting tips.
+ Example test programs included to demonstrate how to roll your own image conversion.  They’re example programs, not full-out applications so bear that in mind.  A better conversion program will be made later on, just not today.

Work is continuing on the Apple // Game Server and possible future improvements include:

+ Actual UI for converting image files into various apple formats.
+ ZIP file support to cut down footprint further.
+ Online help feature to provide keyboard hints.
+ About Box, brag page, credits, greets, whatever.  Maybe a hidden “FU” page dedicated to Sculley.  Haven’t really given it much thought yet.
+ Improved HGR dithering logic for more accurate conversions.
+ Prodos support, and better RWTS support for cracked games.  (Hey, ]HR I could use some help on that! ;-)
+ Online-based software library that is auto-updated and supports a local data set as well (so you could have user-defined disks and also an online catalog).  This might be a long while though…

To download version 3.1, go to the Sourceforge website at:




JACE Apple ][ Emulator Updated


Brendan Robert has announced a minor bug fix update to the JAVA Apple Computer Emulator or JACE as it is known. The JACE 12-30-12 update includes the following fixes:

+ Leaving fullscreen mode caused a blue border to appear at the top, shifting the whole display area down.  This has been corrected.
+ Mouse pointer was not properly positioned when in fullscreen mode, especially when proportional mode (F8) is active.  This is now fixed, with an optional fix to fix the Y-coordinate of the mouse in fullscreen mode in Linux environments (I’n not sure if the bug is present in other platforms so I made it possible to disable the fix from the mouse configuration)

For more information about JACE or to download the latest version, you can go to the JACE website at:


Applewin 1.22 Apple II Emulator Posted


The latest version of the Applewin Apple ][ emulator, version 1.22, have been posted in the Applewin SVN repository.  Changes in version 1.22 include:

. [Feature #005557] Support DOSMaster image created by Apple Oasis.
. [Feature #003272 and #005335] Support 2x windowed mode:
– Toggle between 1x and 2x by using Resize button (or F6).
– Full screen now enabled by CTRL+Resize button (or CTRL+F6).

. [Feature #004346] Don’t show mousetext for original Apple //e.
. Fixed HDD firmware to allow epyx_californiagames_iicplus.

2mg to boot.
. HDD firmware: Added support for SmartPort entrypoint.
– “Prince of Persia (Original 3.5 floppy for IIc+).2mg” now boots
. [Bug #018455] Improved rendering speed of debugger view.
You can download the latest version of the emulator from:


Java Apple Computer Emulator (JACE) Updated

Brendan Robert has released a new version of his JACE or Java Apple Computer Emulator.  The latest update includes a number of fixes and enhancements as per his posting in CSA2:

] Fixed nasty bug that caused crashes when joystick buttons (alt-keys) were pressed.  Airheart is 100% playable again!

] RamWorks support is now available for up to 8 megabytes of memory.  In addition to the RamFactor support it is possible to use both at the same time.  Not that you’d ever use 24mb ram in an Apple //e.  :-P

] CPU can now log warnings if 65c02 extended opcodes are used.  You can enable this to detect old incompatible usages of illegal 6502 opcodes.

] Cleaned up a few improperly implemented softswitches.  MMU implementation is 100% compatible now.

for more information about JACE or to download the program, check out Brendan’s JACE project page at:


Apple II Emulator Jace 2012-10-31 released

Brendan Robert has released a new and improved version of his Java Apple II emulator.


] 65c02 CPU emulation is now 100%, tested and verified thanks to Klaus Dormann’s test suite: https://github.com/redline6561/cl-6502/blob/b008…nctional_test.a65

] Overall CPU usage is way down thanks to recent changes:
Video generation rolled into main thread and this made things a lot more efficient
Switched to older timer model, newer lock-based timers were considerably slower
Memory listener model streamlined to be more efficient

] Skyfox now detects mockingboard in slot 4
] Pitfall II detects mockingboard and plays perfectly!
] Disk II speedup hack now provided as a configuration option (previously, speedup hacks were always enabled to max the emulator speed when disk is in use)
] Hayes smartmodem now has UI activity indicators

Some folks reported in the past intermittent issues where the emulator would hang on start and never actually begin executing the rom (symptom: Screen with alternating checkerboard and inverse @ symbols). I believe this release fixes that problem once and for all.

This is the most stable and efficient build to date, I hope it is useful to your folks!

Download the latest version here.

Open Apple #19 (Sep 2012): David Schmidt, iOS games, and more

This month on Open Apple, Mike and Ken chat with David Schmidt, the programmer responsible for ADTPro. Beyond his own program, David has also contributed to the development of Davex, GSport, AppleCommander, CiderPress, OpenEmulator, DiscFerret, CFFA3000 — and much, much more. Collectively, the show’s hosts marvel at the deluge of Apple II games that are being ported to iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system … though we question the direction Jordan Mechner is taking the classic Karateka. Apple-1 computers continue to fetch exorbitant prices at live auctions, while iPads and IMSAIs fail to sell on eBay — though the latter may soon get a Kickstarter from Vince Briel. Finally, Ken quietly broods while Mike and David enthusiastically sing the praises of their favorite computer, the Apple III.


AppleWin emulator version 1.21.1 released

The popular Apple II emulator for the Windows PC is now better than before with this latest version that incorporates the following improvements:


  •  [Feature #4399] Allow Z80 SoftCard to be inserted into slot 4 or 5. (Allows CP/M v3 to work)
  • Reworked Configuration (property sheets) to allow multiple hardware changes.
  • Updated Help .chm with info on No-Slot clock.


  • Floating bus not returned for empty slot $Cnxx addresses. Fixes:
  • - A2VGA.DSK: Apple][VGA card detection.
  • - [Bug #018643] Mabel’s Mansion.
  • [Feature #005552] Mouse wasn’t working for BeagleWrite / MultiScribe.

JACE Emulator Updated

The Java Apple Computer Emulator also known as JACE has been updated.  According to Brendon Robert, the creator of the JACE Emulator, “This new version adds a new MetaCheat (free cheat) feature.  140kb 2MG floppy support has been improved to support prodos/dos ordering detection as well as volume numbers.”

You can download the new MetaCheat feature as well see it documented in full  on the JACE homepage at: