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Ben Heck building an Apple-1 From Scratch

Ben Heckendorn’s latest video series is now covering the building of an Apple-1 computer from scratch.  The Apple-1 was Steve Wozniak’s first commercially available computer and was sold initially by Steve Jobs through The Byte Shop in Mountain View, California.  Ben Heckendorn is famous for his hacks of vintage and modern gaming and computing platforms.  […]

Brain Board photo posted

Mike Willegal has posted a photo of his fully assembled Brain Board for the Apple II. The Brain Board turns an ordinary Apple ][ computer into an Apple-1 allowing the user to perform all of the same functionality of the Apple-1 computer while utilizing the Apple ][ cassette interface and keyboard for I/O. For more […]

iPad Case Hacks

This week, we were thinking about the new iPad2 and the discussions of a holder for the machine came up.  So we started searching and came up with a number of case hacks or cases themselves that we thought were absolutely brilliant.   The funny thing is that in another few days, many of those hacks […]