Apple Creates U2 Album Removal Tool

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In the aftermath of the outrage over forcing users to download the U2 Album, Songs of Innocence, Apple has relented and created a website tool which allows users to remove the album.  Many users found the album automatically added to their purchases who had absolutely no interest in the album and no way to remove the album from their purchases.

The SOI removal tool webpage is at:

Revolutionary Mobile Music Platform Made Even Better

Enschede, The Netherlands – Score Media Netherlands is delighted to announce the release of an update of their globally popular Tunecast application to the Apple iTunes store, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Tunecast 1.5 is available now at a cost of $1.99 USD.

Tunecast 1.5 retains all of the brilliant features of the original application, and provides users with a slicker, more aspirational appearance and high-quality user experience that is unrivalled across other mobile music download services. Tunecast is a revolutionary mobile music experience, allowing users to legally download and save music videos from YouTube directly to their Apple device, then listen to their collection ‘on demand’ whenever they want.

Tunecast is the first ever application that makes this possible for mobile music consumers, and best of all there are no hidden additional costs, nor is there a limit on the volume of content that one may download. As consumers tire of costly mobile music subscriptions or ‘pay as you play’ initiatives, Tunecast is a real game-changer in terms of this market, and puts the power and enjoyment of listening to and watching music videos back into the hands of those who are most important. Tunecast automatically categorises users’ tracks and places them into alphabetical order for easy browsing of and finding videos.

With Tunecast, the only thing a consumer needs to think about is how much storage space they have remaining on their Apple device. Tunecast makes it easy to lose oneself and fill up a device quickly, even for those with larger storage solutions! When consumers have downloaded all of the music they want, they have a choice of options for listening and watching on their device. For those wanting to listen to music while completing household jobs, for example, Tunecast is fully compatible with iPod and iPhone docking devices, allowing users to simply set up their playlist and get on.

Pricing and Availability:
Tunecast 1.5 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category.

Learn more about Tunecast

The World of Forgotten Apple Products

Not every Apple product is destined to be a run-away success. Roberto Baldwin tells of several Apple products that unfortunately, for whatever reason, didn’t have what it takes to catch on with consumers.

Apple’s breakthrough products are so massive that it seems everything the company does is destined to succeed. But it doesn’t take much digging to find a trail of failures and false starts. Even in recent years, there are examples of products that seemed great but never resonated with consumers, and some that seemed so destined for failure it’s hard to imagine why any company would have brought them to market.

Here are some examples of Apple veering a bit off course.

The QuickTake camera, iPod Hi-Fi, iTunes Ping, and more.

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Angry Birds Seasons HD Currently Free in Apple iTunes Store

Angry Birds Seasons HD for the iPad by Rovio Entertainment Ltd., is currently free in the iTunes App Store. The App was recently updated to version 2.4.1 and now has more than 290 levels within the game. This is not the shareware version of the program but instead is the full app.  You can download the app from the Apple iTunes store at:

Proof of Conecpt for new Apple iTunes Vulnerability

If you haven’t updated your iTunes to the latest version yet, you might want to think about doing it relatively soon.   A new proof of concept shows that a malicious playlist could execute any code it wants on your Mac.  At this point, the vulnerability is only a proof of concept and no real world application of the issue has been seen yet.  For more on the vulnerability, you can check out SC Magazine posting on the topic:

The latest version of iTunes released this past week addresses the issue.   You can update iTunes by going to the Software Update option under the Apple menu or by downloading it directly from the Apple support page at:

Apple updates Application Loader

The Application Loader, the app which allows developers to package Apps for the Apple App Store through iTunes Connect has been updated.  Version 2.7 of the Application loader addresses a host of issues including:

  • New In-App Purchase content-hosting feature
  • Import templates available directly from Application Loader
  • General bug fixes and improvements to the application

You can download the update through the Software Update option under the Apple Menu or by going to the iTunes Connect Support page at:

Apple Releases iTunes 10.6

Apple has updated the iTunes Application for the Mac.   iTunes 10.6 was released to address the new 1080P HD movies available in the iTunes Store and to make them playable.  Other items covered in this upgrade include:

  • Improved song matching
  • Improved album artwork handling, downloading, and display
  • Addresses an issue where songs may skip when playing from iCloud

You must be running Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later in order to use this latest upgrade to the iTunes Application.  Also a 2.4Ghz Intel Core 2 or faster is also required.

You can download the latest iTunes upgrade through the Software Update feature under the Apple Menu on your Mac or from the iTunes support page at:

Apple Announces Winner of $10,000 USD Prize for 25 Billionth Download

Apple has finally announced that a user in China was the winner of the Apple Inc. sponsored prize for downloading the 25 billionth iTunes App.  The user, one Chunli Fu of Qungdao, China downloaded the free Disney app, “Where’s My Water” to push the download mark over the 25 billion mark.  He will receive $10,000 USD in the iTunes App Store int he form of a gift card.

Currently, there are more than 550,000 apps in the iTunes App Store and now more than 170,000 of those apps are iPad native apps.  According to Apple, they have paid out more than $4 Billion USD to the developers of those apps.

Source: Apple

Apple Updates Application Loader to Version 2.5.1

Apple has updated the Application Loader for iTunes Connect.   iTunes Connect allows those authors using the iBooks Author Application to publish their books in the Apple iBookstore. The Version 2.5.1 update of the Application Loader  includes the following enhancements and fixes:

  • Improved error messaging
  • Creating and sending In-App Purchase details for apps directly from Application Loader
  • Send to Apple command now creates logs for troubleshooting delivery issues
  • Updated system requirements and newly supported formats
  • Updated server IP addresses and port information


You can find more information about this update and the complete Application Loader guide at:

You will need an iTunes Connect account in order to log into this page.

Apple Apps Store Downloads Crosses The 25 Billion Mark

More than 25 Billion Apps and counting have been downloaded from the Apple App Store.  Apple held a contest for the mark, giving the person who downloaded the 25 Billionth app a $10,000 USD gift card to the App Store, however, who that lucky person was still has yet to have been announced.  This mark was reached in just over 3.5 years with the current pace of downloads reaching a staggering 15 million apps per year.  There are currently 550,000 approved apps in the Apple App Store.