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Apple Products from the current generation of items.

FAPPLE2 Fest 2018

A gathering of Apple II hobbyists from around Japan this week put together one of the most interesting events this Apple guy has been to yet.   While most events tend to put together schedules that are structured and adhered to religiously, the schedule for this event was pretty much out the window the minute people […]

macOS Server Depreciating Key Services

A future release of macOS Server is depreciating key server services, so that it can focus on management. Along with releasing macOS Server 5.5, Apple published this support document yesterday, Prepare for changes to macOS Server.  Apple suggests replacements for these key depreciated services: Calendar, Contacts, DHCP, DNS, Mail, Messages, NetInstall, VPN, Websites, and Wiki. […]

MacTracker 7.7.1 Released

The latest version of MacTracker has been released.  The Ian Page produced MacTracker app contains information on all of Apple’s products over the years including the latest offerings, allows users to accurately check the specifications for a particular product. Included in this updates are the following new Apple Products: The iMac Pro 2017 Model The […]