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Apple Products from the current generation of items.

Never Mock Your Apple IIc

Mockingboard 4c

Chris Torrence shows us what happens when you try to mock your Apple IIc. You end up with amazing sound! Check this video out to see how Ian Kim’s Mockingboard 4c can enhance your Apple IIc with only a couple quick modifications. Also check out Chris Torrence’s Patreon for more Apple II goodness! Please follow […]

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.05 Released

The venerable Carbon Copy Cloner backup software has been updated to version 5.05.  The software has been maintained and regularly upgraded since 2002, with version 5.0 first appearing in August 2017 to more fully support macOS High Sierra and Apple’s APFS filesystem.  It has features like bootable backups, updating only files that have been added […]

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