Silvern Castle RPG v9.5 released

Silvern Castle

Silvern Castle v9.5

The Silvern Castle RPG by Jeff Fink has been updated to version 9.5.  Silvern Castle is the longest running RPG specifically for the Apple II series computers which still recieves regular updates.

Bugs Fixed in v9.5:

  • Thanks to Choi Youngjoo for reporting error #53-4035 (and subsequent #53-143 at title page) due to potential overflow of message time delay variable at Red Dragon Inn.

Stuff Changed in v9.5:

  •  Added rarity byte to each monster.
  • Low-level encounters more likely to be patrols or swarms.
  • MicroDot error codes are now reported in the range 256-511.
  • Casting sleep or dispel now displays the total number of identical monsters affected instead of per group.
  • Characters must have stowage containers to carry more than 100 coins without incurring an encumbrance penalty. You may carry as many containers as you have open slots, but to simplify game management, for those containers to be used to carry coins they must be equipped. Encumbrance is optional – see the preferences.
  • Confirmation shown when Equip All selected.

New Stuff Added in v9.5:

  • Stowage containers: Backpacks (2000 coin capacity) and sacks (500 coins).
  • Camp now has a S)towage option to easily manage encumbrance.
  • New status: DYING! When your hit points reach zero or below you are considered unconscious (DYING). You become DEAD when your hit points fall below a negative number equal to your maximum hit points. A DYING character is unable to act and takes damage like a POISONED character until DEAD.

About Silvern Castle
Silvern Castle is a fantasy role-playing game (RPG) for the Apple II in the spirit of the classic Wizardry. Unlike Wizardry, which was written in Pascal  and proclaimed as a game “that simply could not have been written in Basic”; Silvern Castle is almost entirely written in AppleSoft Basic.

Purchased by Softdisk Publishing in 1988, Silvern Castle was never published. After Softdisk discontinued Apple II publishing, I requested and received permission from Softdisk to have the rights to the program revert back to me. Released for the first time as shareware in 1999, I subsequently reclassified it to freeware status later in 2000.

To Download Silvern Castle
Silvern castle is available in several formats complete with the manuals.  You can download everything you need at the Silvern Castle website at:

The program can also be downloaded from:

Additional Notes:

Recently I’ve gotten well over 1000 hits at the Silvern Castle website
in just a few days – all due to this one blog post:

Also, see this blog for a recent user experience with Silvern Castle:


Brutal Deluxe Software introduces OMF Analyzer


OMF Analyzer is a command-line tool for Windows to analyze OMF Files we can find on 16 bits Apple IIgs operating systems like Prodos 16 or GS/OS.

Because OMF files are the core of any executable code on the Apple IIgs system (S16, Exe, CDA, NDA, FST, PIF, Library, Tool…), OMF Analyzer will be helpful for anyone wanting to write an Assembler, a Compiler, a Linker or a Disasembler…

Find more @

OMF Analyzer is part of the Brutal Deluxe’s Cross Development Tools Project, a full set of utilities available on Windows (and other) platforms to enable the creation of new Apple IIgs software : 65c816 Assembler, 65c816 Disassembler, 65c816 Simulator, Graphic File Converter, Resource Catcher…

ADTPro 1.2.9 Released

From CSA2 Announcment by David Schmidt:  For your consideration this Christmas day:ADTPro 1.2.9 has been released.  There are a few tweaks that came up
under some heavy usage scenarios:

Nibble sends now work in batch mode, and they are a little more tolerant
of communications failures.  This gets really handy when you have, for
example, a pile of 13-sector disks to image.  Linards Ticmanis’
13-sector ADT13 was always an option, but due to the fact that DOS 3.2
and below didn’t actually initialize sectors until you wrote on them,
your drive can end up knocking quite a lot on sparsely populated disks.
Not so any more.

From IvanX’s A2CLOUD work, the VSDrive code has changed to optimize
virtual drive access for speed at the expense of concurrent access from
both server and client.  This should make really big virtual drives
useable on the Pi.

Oh, and finally – after all these years… a Disk II drive will spin up
beforehand in anticipation of reading or writing.  With one optimization
that DOS ADT missed: turning on the drive for the final pass of writing.
It’s not required for the final pass of reading, but is for writing.
It probably doesn’t even represent a measurable improvement, but it’s
there for completeness’ sake.

1.2.9 – December 25, 2013

New functionality:

* Disk II drive turns on a little early to reduce spin-up delay

Bug fixes:

* Nibble sends work correctly in batch mode

* [Client] Nibble sends retry (more) correctly

* [VDrive] Virtual disks are loaded at once at initialization time,
making it much faster for huge drives (but much less dynamic)

* [VDrive] Serial driver installer quits to where it came from,
allowing an invocation from the launcher to return there, this
time with the driver in place

Lamb Chops — New Apple II Game

Lamb Chops

Brian Picchi has released a new Apple II game, Lamb Chops.  The game which plays much like the old Atari games, is a multi-level fast action arcade game which speeds up as you progress through the stages.  The object of the game is to protect sheep as they cross a pasture.  Wolves and aliens of different species attack the sheep and the player, forcing him to keep on the alert at all times.  The player can only shoot one bullet at a time, which makes this game potentially a difficult game.

According to his press release on CSA2, “Here’s a new arcade game I’ve been working on. It’s my first assembly game (and thank you to everyone who has been answering my 6502 questions this month, especially Wade Clarke). It should run on any Apple II with 64K RAM.  Joystick and keyboard are both supported.  It’s a simple game, but took me a good month to write since I was learning as I programmed it. “

Brian’s information bracket on YouTube describes the game as “ an arcade game probably best described as a cross between Robotron and the hunting section from The Oregon Trail. You’re a sheep farmer and your flock has escaped from their fencing. Armed with a shotgun, you must protect them from the natural (and unnatural) forest inhabitants as they make their way home. You get extra men every 1,000 points. You lose a life by touching any creature (except the sheep) or by losing 3 sheep per level. The game gets progressively harder until level 20. If you make it that far you get a better game over screen when you die. Oh, and don’t shoot the sheep, friendly fire is enabled. “

The game is available as a free download.  For more information about the game, check out the YouTube video at:

To Download the came in .DO image format, go to:


If you would like to have a physical copy of the game, Brian has made a limited number of copies available through EBay at:


DRWAPS Updated to Version 1.3.2


Dont Run With A Plasma Sword, the runner game by XperimentalZ Games has been updated. DRWAPS includes 5 levels of difficulty in both a challenge mode as well as an endless arcade style mode.  Each level of the challenge mode concludes with a Boss fight which allows the user to continue to the next level upon completion. The Endless mode includes a variety of objectives, some of which upon completion, unlock the next level of the Endless Mode.  The lastest version of DRWAPS , 1.3.2, includes a host of updates and fixes including:

– Increased XP gains
– Lowered Price on some items
– Increased Daily XP Bonuses
– Fixed a bug which could result in being stuck in endless objectives
– Updated 3rd Party libraries
– Other Minor fixes

The game has been also updated to a free download and is now iOS 7.0 compatible.  For more information or to download DRWAPS, check out the DRWAPS webpage at:

WITA2GS Adds New Educational Titles to Their Library

The What is the Apple IIgs Website (WITA2GS) has added a host of new educational titles to their website.  The new titles, archived by the website’s curator, Alex Lee, while on a trip to California offer an ever expanding glimpse into the world of Apple II education.  There are over 20 new titles on the website in Alex’s push in completing his collection of Apple IIgs software and Apple II 8-bit software which was issued on 3.5 inch floppy disks.

For more information about the new titles, check out the WITA2GS website at:

Chewbagger Byte Editor and SNAP NNTP Client Updates Released

IIgs Case

Ewen Wannop has released two software updates this week.  The first is to his Apple IIgs Byte Editor, Chewbagger.   The second update is to his NNTP client, SNAP.   According to the press release in CSA2, “

Version 1.1.5 of ChewBagger and 1.1.5 of SNAP are now available from my website:

This is an update of ChewBagger, and amongst many small bug fixes and  cosmetic changes, has two new features:

  • Optionally display the ASCII field with the high bits cleared.
  • Compare two files for differences.
  • The files are displayed in a ‘split’  window, and on opening, the first difference is found and selected. 
  • You can then work through the two files, finding further differences,  and setting an ‘offset’ between the displays if necessary..

Please read the Manual and ‘Changes’ files for more details on how these  new features work.

ChewBagger is a stand alone IIgs application for editing files at byte  level, working with both data and resource forks.

  • Find and Replace either Hex or ASCII data. Compare two files, and find
  • and replace data as required.
  • View and disassemble the relocated segments of an OMF file.
  • Load a P8 application at an optional address for disassembly.
  • Examine a range of IIgs memory and optionally disassemble.
  • Disassembles both 6502 and 65816 code, with optional tool call labels.
  • Dump to file or printer, either the hex and ASCII fields, or the disassembled code.


This is a minor update of SNAP, mainly to fix bugs, but with one major addition, in that you can now optionally choose to read New messages  first.

Please read the Manual and ‘Change.List’ files for more details.


  • SNAP is an online NNTP News Client for the IIgs
  • SNAP accesses Usenet and NNTP news servers, right from your IIgs desktop.
  • SNAP gives you multiple server configurations, with custom Group lists,  allowing you to easily tailor your daily news fix.
  • SNAP lets you Post messages, or Followup existing messages.
  • SNAP will optionally Forward or Reply to a message through a normal SMTP  mail account.
  • SNAP is ideal for accessing the A2Central, or CSA2 news Forums.
  • SNAP requires a IIgs running Marinetti 3.0b3 or later.
  • SNAP works best with a direct connection to the Net, such as that from an Ethernet card.



AppleIIWorks Envoy for Mac OS X Announced


By Hugh Hood (CSA2)

AppleIIWorks Envoy is a ‘faceless’ application for Mac OS X (10.4.x Tiger
through 10.8.x Mountain Lion) with a two-fold purpose.

First, it provides for Mac OS X Finder recognition of Apple II AppleWorks
Files, presenting both a custom Mac Finder icon as well as a custom ‘Kind’
description for AppleWorks Word Processor (AWP), Database (ADB) and
Spreadsheet (ASP) files.

Second, the application implements a Spotlight metadata importer for
AppleWorks Word Processor (ProDOS type ‘AWP/$1A’) files that not only
indexes the text content of these files, but also sets (2) ProDOS-related
custom metadata attributes that display in the ‘More Info’ portion of the
Mac Finder ‘Get Info’ window.

For more information on AppleIIWorks Envoy, including some screen shots, and
to download, visit:


AppleIIWorks Envoy is compiled as a 4-way Universal Binary for both PPC and
Intel, 32-bit and 64-bit, and runs under Mac OS X 10.4.x (Tiger) through Mac
OS X 10.8.x (Mountain Lion).

Brutal Deluxe Software Introduces Apple IIgs Bechmark Tool


Paris, September 1st, 2013 – Brutal Deluxe Software is proud to introduce BenchmarkeD to the Apple II community.
BenchmarkeD is a benchmark utility for the Apple IIgs. It allows you to calculate the average throughput in reading and writing files and sequential disk blocks of your ProDOS volumes. BenchmarkeD uses standard GS/OS routines to perform its tests.

Until now, there were no such utilities for the Apple IIgs. Nowadays, disk devices are USB sticks or Compact Flash cards, physical devices such as hard disk drives or 3.5″ drives are no longer used. It is time to determine the fastest device to get the best experience with modern storage devices.

Download BenchmarkeD at and share your results with us!

Antoine Vignau & Olivier Zardini
Brutal Deluxe Software

A2Command Version 1.1 Released


A2Command, the Norton Commander style file manager for the Apple ][ series computer has been updated.  Version 1.1 was releaved by author Peyton Byrd with the following updates and changes:

  • This new release features several bugfixes and some improvements including:
  • Added support for the new cc65 functions for listing devices.
  • Fixed viewer to avoid crashing when many spaces are present in one line.
  • Corrected the single file selection when copying.
  • Lowercase and uppercase commands are now active.
  • Date and time are kept when copying files.
  • Fixed some glitches when scrolling through long file lists.

the source code for the program is available and all items related to A2Command are free downloads. For more information or to download A2Command, go to the A2Command website at: