Brutal Deluxe Software Releases DeluxeWare CD-ROM as Free Download

Brutal Deluxe Software has announced that their January 1996 version of the DeluxeWare CD-ROM is now available as a free download.  The DeluxeWare CD-ROM contains over 650mb of Apple IIgs related software and was the first French CD-ROM dedicated to the Apple IIgs.

COntents of the DeluxeWare CD-ROm include:

  • Apple programs
  • Documentations
  • Creative visual
  • Hypermedia
  • Games
  • Music
  • System
  • Utilities

The CD-Rom is available as a 311.5mb zipped file and includes all of the software on the original disks.  Also the CD Jackets are available on the DeluxeWare website.  According to the website, the system requirements for the CD Image is:

  • Apple IIgs ROM 01 or 3, cd-rom 1x or 2x speed with the associated extensions. Some software require the use of System 6.0.1.
  • The disc is in HFS and can be played on a IIgs or a Macintosh computer.
  • The shareware on this disc must be paid to their respective authors.

While the third requirement is that the shareware authors be paid, it is unknown how much of the Shareware titles are still being maintained by the authors.  The CD is a wealth of information from the 1996 time frame and is available from:

Stable version of JACE – Apple II emulator – Released

Java Apple II emulator author Brendan Robert was quite understandably pleased to announce that his JACE emulator has reached a new milestone.

Said Mr. Robert:

This is the first major release, bringing this emulator within a hair of my original vision for what I wanted it to be: it is a complete recreation of the computer I had growing up. (yaaaaaay!) There are a few bugs left to fix, but the only people in this world that claim software is ever complete are sales people. In spite of its flaws it’s ready to get some heavy use: I took the BETA label off the sourceforge page.

# Several timing and deadlock fixes, this not only spells more stable but also a lot more efficient in some cases.

# AE RamFactor card implemented and working. You will need to install the AE Ram Expander for Appleworks to see the extra storage.
*There is an additional option to max out the speed of the emulator when the ramfactor is in use. This means that any applications using Ram for cache or extra storage will speed up dramatically.

# Mockingboard works perfectly with Ultima 5.
*AE Phasor support has been implemented, but it isn’t working right just yet. For now, just use Mockingboard mode.
*Note: Only use ONE mockingboard. Using more than one will cause the timing issues and sound horrible.
*You can use a mockingboard at the same time as a Passport MIDI card. It has a strange syncopated sound to it. it does reveal, however, that the mockingboard playback is pitch-perfect. :-)

# Visual UI completely overhauled: Now fullscreen is possible (press F9)
*Pressing F8 while in fullscreen will toggle aspect-constrained or stretched displays.

# Indicator icons now appear for:
*Disk II activity
*Mass storage activity
*Mouse activation
*SSC activity
*RamFactor activity

Visit the JACE Web site

JACE is free open-source software, licensed under the LGPL. It emulates an Apple IIe with 128K of RAM and an 80 columns card. It supports a disk drive, joysticks, Super Serial Card, AE RamFactor, mass storage, and many other features.

The emulator is compatible with all major computer operating systems.


Photo printing tip:

Here is the situation… My father was asked to take some pictures for a club he attends every week. He generally prints them out when ever someone asks for a copy. He also prints out a series of thumbnail pictures on a single page. I gather this is called a contact sheet. This time around the Windows program he used decided not to recognise the network printer. This was very odd because all the other programs on his machine saw it. In fact the program he was using also knew it was there but it refused to print to it. After a few days if frustration he asked me to see what I could do about printing a contact sheet for him.

Normally I would have used iPhoto on the Mac to do this. I think I did this once before. Unfortunately I had used the upgrade DVD to go from 10.4 to 10.6. The upgrade DVD didn’t have the iLife package on it and I am paranoid about using Apples online store. Particularly since I am not going to go around giving out credit card numbers to anybody. Although iLife is apparently free (and discontinued with 10.7 or 10.8) the only way to get it was to install from the old 10.4 DVDs and risk wiping out 10.6. In other words I was out of luck (for the moment).

I decided to see what I could find for Linux. The problem with Linux is almost all the programs are free and it is easy to install half a dozen of them without thinking. This time I was lucky and found one on the third try. The program is called Geeqie. I haven’t used all the features, only the print function. To print a contact sheet go through the following steps…

  1. Locate the files to print (it’s better to have them in the same directory).
  2. Select all the pictures to print.
  3. Click on File and select Print.
  4. Click on the box next to Proof Sheet.

From there the program will print multiple thumbnail pictures per page. There are more options in the print menu and they look like it might be worth exploring.

New Version of ADTPro Transfers .SDK Archives

David Schmidt, author of the popular Apple Disk Transfer (ADT) program for the Apple II, announced that the latest version, available now, has the ability to transfer ShrinkIt disk archives to Apple II computers. This functionality means that it is no longer required to use an emulator or another means to convert the .sdk file into a .dsk image. Therefore, much time is saved.

This new version of ADTPro also fixes a few other bugs.

Download ADTPro 1.2.2 at SourceForge.

K3B Tip

What is K3b? It is a free CD/DVD/Bluray burning program for Linux (it can be compiled for the Mac as well).

For the last little while, even before the last upgrade to the current version of Mint, I was having some trouble with the program. At first it no longer wanted to verify data disks. Just recently it wouldn’t even read the hard drive to pick up files to burn. It turned out the problem was a permissions thing. Unfortunately this was not something which could be easily changed from a user account. In the end running the program from the command line with “sudo k3b” fixed the problem. It presented a window which explained the permissions problem and offered to fix it. Now everything works again.

Karelia Releases Sandvox 2.6.3

Karelia Software has released an update to their web production software, Sandvox.  The new version focuses on the conversion of high resolution graphics and photos from newer cameras.  Sandvox will now take the photos,  generating the thumbnails quicker.  Version 2.6.3  also includes a host of fixes and updates including:


  • Adjusts to MobileMe having closed on 30th June
  • Better tracking of incomplete uploads due to stopping publishing or a connection failure
  • More informative transcript for FTP connections when an error occurs
  • Resolves an issue where publishing to a relative document root more complex than a single folder name would place files in the wrong location
  • Fixes a crash when cancelling publishing to an SFTP server mid-upload
  • Fixes a crash when publishing using FTP
  • Connection test gives the server a second chance to prove it supports overwriting of files should the first one fail

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a crash while autosaving in the background, often during publishing
  • Improves Slide Show compatibility with Internet Explorer 7
  • Addresses issues saving after deleting pages or objects
  • Addresses issues while dragging over some parts of the Sandvox UI

Sandvox allow users to create websites easily with a minimum of HTML and CSS knownledge, includes embedding of all popular media formats and allows automatic publication via FTP.  You can download the latest version of the Karelia Sandvox package from their website at:

Starter Kit Simplifies Apple IIgs Emulator Use

Well-known Apple IIgs programmer Ewen Wannop released a starter kit for the popular Sweet16 emulator which runs on Mac OS X and emulates the Apple IIgs computer. This kit simplifies the process of using the emulated Apple IIgs to access the Internet, including email, Usenet newsgroups, and FTP sites.

The starter kit includes the latest versions of Wannop’s Apple IIgs Internet programs, SAM2, SNAP, and SAFE2.

The starter kit is available from the following URL:

Proof of Conecpt for new Apple iTunes Vulnerability

If you haven’t updated your iTunes to the latest version yet, you might want to think about doing it relatively soon.   A new proof of concept shows that a malicious playlist could execute any code it wants on your Mac.  At this point, the vulnerability is only a proof of concept and no real world application of the issue has been seen yet.  For more on the vulnerability, you can check out SC Magazine posting on the topic:

The latest version of iTunes released this past week addresses the issue.   You can update iTunes by going to the Software Update option under the Apple menu or by downloading it directly from the Apple support page at:

Filemaker Releases Bento 4 for the iPad

Filemaker, Inc. has released the latest version of their Bento database creator for the iPad. Bento 4 is a completely stand alone database creator in its own right and can also sync with the Mac based version of Bento.  Bento 4 has a number of new features, including

  • One-tap linking to the Bento Template Exchange to access hundreds of free, ready-to-use templates to get started in seconds
  • Powerful design tools that let users customize templates, create forms and organize information with a tap
  • 40 retina display-ready themes that add coordinated backgrounds, fonts, and shading to mirror a user’s personal style
  • New ways to see and interact with your information such as Table view, Split view and Full Screen view
  • The ability to add calculations, encrypted fields and GPS location fields

Bento is currently available in English, Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.  The latest version of Bento is available from the Apple App Store for an introductory price of $4.99 until 31 July 2012 at:

The regular price for Bento is $9.99

Thunderbolt Software Update Released by Apple

Apple has released an update to their Thunderbolt Software, bringing it to version 1.2.1. The latest version of the software adds the support for the Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet adapter which comes as an option with the new Mac Book Pro.

You can download the update through the Software Update menu under the Apple Menu or from the Apple Support website at: