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Peersoft Version 1.5.5 Applesoft Extension Released

Benoit Gilon has announced the immediate release of the Peersoft Applesoft Extensions version 1.5.5.  Shown extensively at the recent Apple II Festival France, this extension package allows for user defined functions to be added to Applesoft through both machine language and Applesoft.  What’s new? Ability to define up to 10 user defined functions. Such functions […]

NuInput 2.0 is released

NuInput, the replacement package for Applesoft’s INPUT and GET commands has been updated.  Ivan Drucker, the author of NuInput and Slammer has made the latest version 2.0,  available for immediate download from the NuInput website. NuInput was initially introduced by Ivan at the 2010 rendition of Kansasfest ( as part of a demonstration he did […]

Leadlight Adventure Version 1.2 Released

Wade Clarke has released an update for his Leadlight Adventure. The game itself is quite the adventure.  Your are playing a girl Belinda who’s world is slowly falling apart.  According to the Leadlight website, “15-year-old Belinda Nettle is studying at Linville Girls High School in Australia’s Blue Mountains. After falling asleep in the library one […]

Announcing the TERC BASIC Enhancements

By Sean Nolan This year, Christmas comes in June.  The TERC BASIC Enhancements, an Applesoft enhancement package, are being dumped (pardon me, I mean released) into the public domain. The TERC BASIC Enhancements add over 50 additional BASIC commands to Applesoft which allow: • Mixing text and graphics anywhere on the screen. • Labeled subroutines […]