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Applesoft I Patches

The May 1978 Contact! newsletter from Apple Computer, Inc. contained a number of required patches to repair bugs in Applesoft I.   Array Indexing Problem Fix POKE 6331,32:POKE 6332, 168: POKE 6333, 41: POKE 6334, 234: POKE 10646,133:POKE 10647, 177: POKE 10648,161:POKE 10649,5: POKE 19650,165:POKE 10651,132:POKE 10652, 96   Long line Fix POKE 3050,234:POKE 3054,136:POKE […]

Applesoft ][ Tokens

NOTE:Values 00 to 7F (0 to 127 decimal) are used by the standard Ascii character set. As in Integer BASIC, Apple II outputs last two rows (60-7F) as uppercase. This table is a complement to “Applesoft II Pointers and Tokens on Pages 6 & 7, and should be saved as a  permanent reference chart.

Appending Applesoft

By Val J. Golding Here are simple routines that will allow you to append programs in both version of Applesoft. While appending can be done under program control in App. II, it is really simpler to do it without. The routines are the same in both versions; only the pointers have been changed (to protect […]