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Includes Apple-1, Apple ][, Apple ][+, Apple //e, Apple //c, Apple ///, Apple Lisa, Apple Newton, and Mac 68K

Interview: Rebecca Heineman & Jennell Jaquays


At KansasFest, I had the pleasure of interviewing two game industry veterans – Rebecca Heineman and Jennell Jaquays with John Leake of the RetroMacCast.  The interview is also part of RetroMacCast episode 375. Rebecca has authored over 200 games and played a key role in many noteworthy companies like Interplay Productions.  Some of her most popular Apple II game credits […]

Shining a Light on Retrobrite


After I gave a presentation on Retrobrite at KansasFest, people asked me to write about the process, never wrote about Retrobrite as there are so many articles and videos on the internet but finally found some time to write about it. There are many ways to Retrobrite.  I avoid submerging because it’s a waste of […]

The 1960’s meets the Apple II

Card Reader 2

An interesting piece of video comes to us this morning from Antoine Vignau of Brutal Deluxe software.  It is a project by French Professor Max Tournarie, who decided he could attach a card reader to the Apple II Euro back in the 1980’s. The reader simply sends binary code to the Apple II, either zeros […]

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