Apple IIgs HDMI Video Converter At Vintage Geek Blog

This week, the Vintage Geek Blog highlighted on of the better and least expensive video converters for the Apple IIgs.  This video converter was also a highlight of the presentation at FAPPLE2 Fest 2018 by Atsushi Suzuki and is known to produce some of the best and clearest form of conversion.

The CiBest HDMI to SCART Converter-Composite Video Stereo Audio Adapter not only handles NTSC but also PAL conversion for a bevy of gaming and computing platforms from your computer to HDMI.  While this converter does require a special SCART cable, the resulting bang for the buck is among the best you can get.

If you check out The Vintage Geek Blog, they have the links to the converter and the cable. on the page as well as a host of result photos highlighting the clarity with which this converter works.

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