Grid Runner for iPhone — Retro goodness lives again

A game originally found on Commodore 64 and Vic 20 computers in the 1980’s is now available for the iPhone.   Grid Runner has been re-formatted by the original author of the game, Llamasoft Ltd., to the 1980’s coin-operated arcade style of play.  Produced with high quality graphics of the iPhone, the game has a glossy arcade look to it and really could be in any arcade of the current generation.  The game itself has two modes, novice and expert.  The game will remind a lot of users of the 1980’s Centipede arcade game, but Grid Runner is much more than that.

The fire control is on all the time, making the only thing you need to do is move your finger around the screen to control the ship.  With levels and effects that get harder and more interesting as they go by, it is definitely an interesting play.

While our expectations were that you would have arcade style controls with such a game that would make Gridrunner the perfect game to play with the iCade, we soon found that with only one control, might as well skip the idea of the iCade and just focus on playing the game.  In spite of the single dimension of play, the challenge of navigating through the game will keep you going for hours (If you make it that far!)

For those purists who wish to play the Commodore 64 or Vic 20 style game, just turn the iPad sideways to landscape mode.   The familiar look of the original game appears on the screen, making this game a full two in one game.

Also, one added benefit to the arcase style game is that after level 5, every 4 levels, the game saves you best outing as far as number of remaining ships, making it easy to restart from a reasonable level rather than having to begin back at the beginning, although that too is an option.

The game is a $0.99 cent download from the iTunes App Store at:

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