Snippetspace gives sneak peak at iWebKit6 Framework

Snippetspace, the company known for it’s eazy to use iPhone App framework, has released a preview of it’s next version of the package.  iWebkit has been one of the most widely used frameworks for building iPhone Apps and iPhone compatible websits during the past few years.  Its author, Christopher Plieger, is also taking dontations for the purchase of an iPad so that he can begin building a version of the iWebkit framework for the iPad.

According to the release on the Snippetspace website, work is well under way and the package is expected to include a number of new features, including:

– High res images
– more element options
– more code error detection
– New interfaces
– A lot lighter
– Offline mode
– easier structure with less elements
– better measurements
– Slide effect (really not certain)
– And a lot more to come…

The combination of Snippetspace’s iWebkit and PhoneGap ( allows users to not only build their entire iPhone App in html5 but to then build the Application in PhoneGap producing an Apple Store ready application.

The official twitter page for Snippetspace is at:

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