Well, I plunked down $199 for the Verizon iPhone….here is what I think..

I might be a little late to the game in all this but I never had an iPhone before. Mainly cause I was on verizon and was not going to jump ship to get it. Not after hearing how horrible the network was on AT & T.

So my plan was up in February and I said, I am not going to get the iphone now because they were going to come out with iPhone 5 (rumor) and I would be stuck with last years model.

Well, while walking with my 9mo pregnant wife with the mall to help the labor come faster, we passed a Verizon store. I stopped in to take a look at the iPhone in all it’s splendor and see what I was missing. It is only fair to note that I have been a mac addict since 2006, since basically I was forced to use one at my current job. Since that time, I have bought nothing but apple and mac products every opportunity I got.

Worst/Best Impulse buy ever….I walk out 10 min later saying look what I bought…. Getting the look of death that only a wife can give while having those kind of pains. I then realized I had taken a step in the wrong direction by not asking or talking with her first.

Ok, sorry for the detour… on to what I think. It’s been about 8 days so far and I have to say I am more impressed with the phone than I thought I would be. I currently own an ipod touch 3rd generation since 2007 so I thought I knew what I was in for, just add a phone. This product is so much more than that because the function does not just add a phone but a everything where ever you are device.

What I like….

  • I like the fact that when I go for my daily run that if my wife needs me, she can just call me.
  • The design of the iphone 4 just has a weight and presence about it that just says … BAM!
  • Love Love LOVE that I can use more than one app at the same time and push notifications.
  • There is an app for almost anything you need, I knew this already with the iPod touch but seriously… there is something about when you have internet anywhere that this becomes better.

What I don’t like….

  • DEATH GRIP!!! – Yes, it does exist with the Verizon phone…you are only lying to yourself.
  • I am not impressed by the coverage options by Verizon, they seem to only offer a $11.mo coverage but if the phone is damaged beyond repair, you have to pay either a $100 deductible to fix it or a $169 deductible to replace it.
  • The internet speed is not really all that fast wherever you go. I find I am using more wifi than the cell internet service.
  • I know I mentioned the Verizon coverage plans above but the apple care plans were a little lacking as well.

Well, That is all I got for my rant on the Verizon iPhone for now at least. I will be back to tell you soon about what I don’t like about the Verizon iPad… hopefully after I get out of the dog house for buying this phone.

Oh, and my wife had a girl…. Mia Grace 5lbs 13 ounces. ūüôā


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