This is a command coming from the *NIX world I found to be useful for maintaining a backup for important software. It works either on a single computer or with two computers. The details can be found in the man page for the command. I’d like to thank Mike Doob from the MUUG for reminding me about this command.

The simplest way to use the command is “rsync <file list or directory 1> <file list or directory 2>”. All it does is copy files from area 1 to area 2 if they are newer than those in area 2.

To copy files from one computer to another the account name and computer name are needed. An example would be “rsync”. Incidentally, since they are different computers, passwords are needed.

I tried this a number of years ago with 10.2 and FreeNAS (FreeBSD) and apparently that was the only configuration which (according to everything I read on the net) would not work.

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