Apple Takes Down Facetime Due to Bug

A bug in Facetime which allowed users to listen in on their contacts without the contact answering a call forced Apple, Inc. into firefighting mode today. Facetime Group Conferencing was taken offline and according to the status website is still offline. ( As of 12pm EST 31 January 2019, the Group feature of the app […]

Peter Gunn in Chiptune

Melody Ayers-Griffiths, co-publisher of the Paleotonic computer magazine, has converted the Peter Gunn theme to Chiptune. The conversion of the theme song was performed with a converter program inside of the Apple II emulator created by Paleotronic, the Microm8 Emulator. to listen to the conversion, click on the embedded sound player below or go to […]

The MacCast Posts Episode 690

The MacCast, a podcast produced by Adam Christianson, has released the 690th episode of the podcast. This latest episode goes over a myriad of Macintosh related topics including: AirPower still, still, coming… Snow in the underworld. Target will have Apple Pay. Apple Stagelight not a new video app. Apple updates all the OSes. AirPod 2 […]

Brutal Deluxe Adds New Cortland Docs

Brutal Deluxe has announced the addition of over 150mb of new Cortland documents. The documents, from 1985 through 1987 include a hose of items covering topics from Apple Talk to SANE Tools to the addition of the APDAlog France. You can download the documents in a series of individual files or in zipped batches from […]

Apple IIslice Project Completed

The Apple II Slice project has been completed. The Apple II Slice, basically is an Apple IIe emulator running on a raspberry Pi inside of a majorly shortened Apple II case. This project was undertaken by its creator, well known Apple fan and co-host of the RetroMacCast, John Leake, in order to utilize a broken […]

Brutal Deluxe Releases 1680 Applesauce Images

Brutal deluxe software announced the immediate release of the entirety of their Applesauce Disk image collection. The Brutal deluxe collection created by Antoine Vignau is a 1680+ program collection containing more than 3000 disk sides. The entire collection is now available for download via Bit Torrent through the website at: