IvanX Website Updated

Ivan Drucker, creator of Slammer and NuInput has updated his website.  The changes include the addition of his recently created A2Server and a new section for other projects he is working on.  However, as he says, “There is no other stuff. Yet.”. Ivan’s recently release A2Server is a file server which runs on modern machine […]

Apple iBooks Author has 2GB Limit

A quick read of all of the supporting documentation for the iBooks Author program show that there are some limitations to the program.  Apple shows the limit at 2GB and actually recommends only 1GB in order to make it easily accessible to the users.  While this is not all that unusual for Apple to recommend […]

What Apple Must Do To Make The Education Initiative Work

This morning, Apple announced their new initiative to make education one of their highest priorities.  This announcement has not really changed their stance on the subject of education, but the way in which they did it deserves merit. The first thing that Apple did is to eliminate the physical books and the cutting down of […]