Video from the Apple Event on iTunes

The Video from this mornings Apple Event in New York City is now available in the Apple iTunes Store.  The event was held at 10am and was primarily focused on Apple’s push for education, introducing iBooks 2.0, iBooks Author, and the iTunesU App,  You can download the latest video or any of the previous events from the iTunes store at:

Apple Stock Falls Slightly Post Event Announcements

Apple Stock (AAPL) closed down slightly today after pre-event trading had the stock pushing over $431.00 in the morning.  The close today was at $427.75 USD down 1.36 from yesterdays close.  The price per share has pushed even lower in after hours trading with the current price sitting at $426.22 USD per share.

Whether the lack of hardware at today’s announcement has anything to do with the fall, one will only have to imagine, however, with the stock having pushed record prices the past couple of days and people expecting some reprieve from the swirling rumors, there may be some disappointment weighing on trading.

source: Wall Street Journal

Apple Introduces iBooks 2.0, ibooks Author and Opens iTunes U to k-12

Apple held an event this morning in New York to announce a slew of education related items.  The first thing off the blocks was the introduction of the update to the iBooks franchise with a version 2.0.  This new version includes a ton of rich media capabilities and allows the introduction of school textbooks, which was one more thing Apple did this morning.

As we so rightly predicted last week, Apple also introduced a publishing tool, iBooks Author for those people who wish to easily produce their own media rich textbooks and really books in general.  This was show to be handling almost everything from Pages, Microsoft Word and Keynote and the outcome was brilliant.  Even HTML and Javascript is acceptable within the authoring program.  iBooks Author provides true WYSIWIG publishing capabilities just as the other Apple produced apps do.

The next thing that was introduced was the Textbook  section of the site which includes textbooks from some of the largest publishers in the world including McGraw Hill, Pearson’s and Houton Miffin Harcourt.  With books already in the textbook store, this is due to be a popular thing, especially since Apple announced the pricing as $14.99 and less and the students keep all books forever.  No more turning in the books.

One of the last items announced was the inclusion of the k-12 group into the iTunesU realm.  The education courseware currently being offered in the iTunesU will now be included in the new iTunesU App which will allow students and teachers much more flexibility and focus of studies.  Not only is the course materials there, but also the lectures and the ability to have students study sections that the teachers and professors specify for them to read.

The best part of today’s announcements is that all of the apps included in today’s presentation are free!

The new iBooks 2.0 is available for download from:

The new iBooks Author program can be downloaded at:

The iTunesU Application is downloadble from:

Apple Stock Trading At Record Highs in Pre-Announcment Trading

Apple Inc (AAPL) has a stock price that seemingly is going through the roof.  With it closing at a record high close of $429.11 USD yesterday at the final bell, the stock is breaking records again this morning reaching $430.41 USD at 8:25am this morning ET.  With an impending announcement of this morning at 10:00am ET and reporting of the quarterly profits coming up next week, the only thing that might slow down the upward onslaught would be a poor showing at today’s announcements or a disastrous quarterly report which seems unlikely given the popularity of Apple products.

Source: Wall Street Journal

FileMaker Offers $150 Off FileMaker Pro 11 for Purchase of FileMaker Go

Filemaker is offering 50% or $150 off the price of FileMaker Pro with the purchase of FileMaker Go for the iPhone or the iPad. The pricing for the iPhone version is $19.99 and $39.99 for the iPad Version.  The deal is outlined on the FileMaker Special Page and is limited to end users of the product.   The offer is good until 22 March, 2012.

More information is available on the FileMaker website at:

Inside Apple – The real story of what goes on inside Apple

Adam Lashinsky’s book about Apple Inc and its inner workings is due out next week.   The book, which purports to tell how things works at apple is the latest book about the company and second to be published since the death of CEO Steve Jobs.   While most books written about Apple have focused on Steve himself, this one focuses on how Apple handles its people, secrecy and security within the company.

The 272 page book is “a golden ticket to step inside” apple and see how they do things there.

You can pre-order the book from the iTunes Store for $12.99 USD at:

Study Shows Tablet Users Spent More Money than Others in 2011

An online study by Adobe Systems Inc shows that tablet users tended to spend about 21 percent more per purchase than other users.  This study shows that they spent even more when compared to smart phone users, by a whopping 54 percent.  This analysis may be the result of many companies tailoring their services for tablet devices in current updates.  However, with the current trend in tablet computing the ease with which purchases are performed on the devices could be the biggest factor.

Source: Enhanced Online News

A Return to the Starry Night

Mind Console Productions released a new screen saver this week which is a faithful rendition of the original Berkeley Systems After Dark screen saver module, Starry Night.  While similar in look and feel, the Mind Console version of the module was created completely from scratch.  This version of the program requires a minimum of Mac OS X 10.5.

For more on the program check out the MacUpdate page for the program at:

New Build of JACE Apple ][ Emulator Released

The latest version of the Java Apple Computer Emulator has been released.  JACE is a multi-platform Apple ][ Emulator which focuses on being cycle accurate to the Apple //e.

In a posting on CSA2, developer Brendon Robert said that “JACE finally has a decent amount of updates and I think it’s stable enough to release another build. “

The changes in the emulator since the last build include the following:

  • Better NTSC color emulation
  • Fixes to prevent crashes on start (race condition in video initialization)
  • Tweaks to sound timing
  • Experimental raw sound output (activate/deactivate with F7)
  • Help text on start screen now reports correct key shortcuts
  • Lots of other things that have been forgotten
  • Removed some configuration options that were causing unnecessary grief

You can download the latest build from the  JACE Sourceforge webpage at:

A2Server Released by Ivanrucker

Ivan Drucker has released his Apple ][ Server, a linux based setup which allows Apple //e’s with workstation cards and Apple IIgs’s that are network capable to connect.  The file server is offered in a complete, ready to go setup that is downloadable from Ivan’s website.

A2Sever allows users to boot ProDOS 8 or GS/OS over the network after uploading the media from your Mac or Windows based machines.  According to Ivan, the real gist of the A2Server is that it is A2SERVER is comprised of Netatalk 2.1.6, running on Ubuntu Server 11.10, inside an Oracle VirtualBox 4.1.8 virtual machine, plus various scripts I wrote and utilities from others to make everything smooth.”

To download the server and the complete documentation, go to Ivan’s website at: