iPad usage at a high level in Business Communications

According to a survey run by IDG recently, iPad use by professionals in the work place is at a very high level.   This phenomena is not just a U.S. trend, it is a major global trend.  The lowest rate of usage of the iPad for communications is in Europe where only 80% of professionals use it.   However, in the US, this rate is 93% and in Asia and the middle east, that number reaches more than 97%.

According to one section of the study, newspapers definitely have a lot to worry about as more than 72 percent of US iPad using professionals are purchasing fewer newpapers, while in Europe that number is only 63 percent.

The entire IDG study is availabel for download form the IDG site at:


Apple opening store in Basel Switzerland

According to MacPrime.ch, there are now plans to open an Apple Store in Basel, Switzerland sometime around the middle of 2013.  As of yet, the plans are unconfirmed by Apple, Inc, however, a blueprint of the store shows that they will be opening a bi-level store with approximately 7500 square feet.

Source: ifoAppleStore.com

Adobe Releases Free Lightroom 4 Beta

Adobe announced this morning that they are releasing their Photoshop Lightroom 4 Beta and that it will be free for users to download.  This latest update to the Lightroom application includes some new features specifically targeting the latest DSLR capabilities as well as the ability to create better quality photo books.

To download your own copy of the latest Lightroom 4 beta, go to:


Virtual ][ Drops PPC Support with Update to Version 6.4

Gerard Puter has updated the Virtual ][ Emulator to version 6.4.  The biggest change to the program is that this version of Virtual ][ will be the first version which is totally dedicated to the Apple Intel platform.  Most of the changes and feature fixes in version 6.4 are oriented around moving totally to the Intel platform and getting the most out of its performance.   The main changes in the program according to Gerard's posting on the Virtual ][ website are:

  • Dropped support for Mac OS X 10.4 and the PowerPC processor. The program now requires an Intel Mac running Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or better.
  • Added a feature to change the write protection and volume number of disk images.
  • It is now possible to configure a 65C02 processor in an Apple ][ or ][+ virtual machine.
  • When choosing "Copy as Text" from the Edit menu, international characters on the screen are now correctly copied to the Mac clipboard.
  • Improved the quality of the QuickLook preview and thumbnail of a saved state file.
  • Some custom character sets were not accepted by the virtual machine - this has been fixed.
  • Fixed a number of minor issues, thereby improving the overall stability of the program.

Virtual ][ is one of the few Apple ][ emulators that has a compete set of features including Print to PDF, large floppy capability, complete machine and card control through the control panel as well as variable speed control.

The Virtual ][ Emulator is shareware and can be purchased at the Virtual ][ website for $49 for the full package.  For more information about the features of the Virtual ][ emulator, go to:


MAME for Mac OS X – 32/64-Bit Intel Updated

The latest rendition of the SDL /MAME for MAC OS X has been updated.  Version 0.144u6 was updated earlier this morning and as of yet, the change log has not been listed. The current version requires at least Mac OS X 10.6 or newer.

You can find the update on the SDL/MAME website at:


Apple ][ Game Server and Disk Server Updated

In what Egan Ford is calling a completed release, the Apple ][ Game Server and the Apple ][ Disk Server have been updated.   The updates included adjusting the speed to a slightly lower speed for transfers as the higher speeds initially listed as hi-fi were causing some issues and a higher rate of failure in the transfers between the Apple ][ and the PC.

Be sure and check out Egans work at:


Smartport VHD Sample Has Been Released

The first sample of the Smartport Virtual Hard Drive for the Apple //c has been released.  The sample shown on the SmartportVHD Website by Cedric Peltier is largely ready for production.   Cedric says in a posting on CSA2 that “Some minors details have to be reviewed before the public availability, but the device start to see the light”

ADTPro 1.2.0 Released

David Schmidt has released the latest version of the ADTPro disk imaging software.  Apple Disk Transfer Prodos (ADTPro) is a vintage Apple computer series specific disk imaging software package and will work on APple ][‘s and Apple ///’s. The latest version of  ADTPro 1.2.0 was released to address a host of issues with the previous version and is not a “revolutionary” update as would normally be suggested by the version number.  The issues addressed in this release include the following items :

  • [Server] Integrate Cloudhopper’s 64-bit Windows RXTX dll – fixes 2-way Windows 7 64-bit serial communications
  • [Server] If a serial configuration isn’t usable, it doesn’t just put up the dialog box saying you should change the configuration – it brings up the change configuration dialog so you can
    actually do it
  • [Server] Be consistent when automatically adding file suffixes (.dsk vs. .DSK)
  • [Client] Don’t lock out interrupts during program execution – it hinders things like the GS Desk Accessory bring-up
  • [Client] Apple /// responds a little better to “disk switched” notifications like those produced by the CFFA300 card
  • [Client] Apple /// Ethernet screen layout was missing DHCP configuration option

You can download ADTPro from:


If you are using 64Bit Windows, there is a RXTX dll replacement which has been commissioned by David and is built by the good folks at Cloudhopper.  The dll  is available at:


GOP Co-Sponsors of PIPA Ask Reid to Cancel Vote

PIPA, the senate version of SOPA is now officially on the rocks.  Seven members of the Senate who are co-sponsors of the bill are now asking Majority Leader, Harry Reid, not to hold a vote on PIPA.   Apparently, they have been feeling the heat from their constituents and are finally agreeing that there are just too many issues with the bill as written that would severely censor the internet, cause litigation and impede on the 1st Amendment rights of Americans.

Source: OpenCongressBlog

iPad 3 Coming in March 2012

For those who have been waiting for the next edition of their iPad, it appears that your wait is nearly over.  Bloomberg is claiming that the iPad will be released in March, complete with high definition screen as well as LTE networking capability.   This speculation could be due to the Apple Event which is scheduled for next week, however,  it is highly unlikely that Apple is ready to deliver on such an advanced model of the iPad so soon.

The features of the new iPad will likely be similar to those of the new iPhone 4S in the camera category, one area Apple has yet to really improve drastically upon is the memory.  Current machines 64gb limitation is dragging on the real capabilities of the machines with downloads of just a few movies completely filling the current model iPads.  In order for Apple to clearly differentiate themselves from the other tablet machines, they are going to have to up the memory to a minimum of 256gb if not higher.

Source: Bloomberg