JACE Emulator Updated

The Java Apple Computer Emulator also known as JACE has been updated.  According to Brendon Robert, the creator of the JACE Emulator, “This new version adds a new MetaCheat (free cheat) feature.  140kb 2MG floppy support has been improved to support prodos/dos ordering detection as well as volume numbers.” You can download the new MetaCheat […]

ADT 1.2.2 Released

The latest version of Apple Disk Transfer (ADTPro) has been released.  According to the press release from David Schmidt, “This release understands ShrinkIt-shrunk disk images, and treats them  like any other disk image.  To be clear, ADTPro won’t create new SDKs – but it’ll unpack existing ones and write them to a real disk of  […]

Apple Store Down

The Apple store went down at 12:00pm ET today.  No known reason for the outage is available, however, the message on the website circulates through multiple languages pointing to the possibility that it is a global outage for a possible website update or change. The apple store is located at: http://store.apple.com

OpenEmulator 1.0.3 Released

Marc Ressl has released the latest version of his OpenEmulator.  The OpenEmulator emulates a number of machines and will eventually include the entire Apple II series in its emulator core.  At the moment, version 1.0.3 includes the following features: Added the 1979 Apple II plus and Apple II j-plus Added the 1979 Disk II drives […]

Eamon Deluxe 5.0 Released

Frank Black has released his latest rendition of Eamon Deluxe interactive fiction system.  Version 5.0 which runs on all flavors of Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, allows the users to experience the joys of playing the original Eamon adventures all in one place.  While the Eamon adventures were primarily developed for the Apple II […]