Apple to Hold Education Event in New York Next Week

As predicted here by our staff, Apple has scheduled an education related event at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.  The event which will be held at 10:00 am on the 19th of January will outline Apple’s Education initiative.  While many have said this event will feature the iPad 3 prominently, we are expecting it to take more of the Standford and MITx education initiatives in hand and show how those initiatives will integrate with iTunes.

As stated in our article on the 5th of January, we expect a publishing system to be introduced that will go hand in hand with the iBooks application and book store as well.  Obviously, Apple Inc. is being tight lipped about the schedule of announcements thus we will have to wait until the 19th to find out the full extent of what they have in mind for that morning.

Big Business to spend about $19 Billion on Apple this year

A report in CIO states that Enterprise level corporations will likely put about $19 billion USD into purchases from Apple, Inc. this year according to the research firm Forrester Research.  This is nearly 20% of the corporate market and will likely increase to a total of $28 Billion USD in 2013. Most of the purchases will be for iPads and Macs according to the report.

The iPad has made major inroads into many enterprise level corporations including the airlines and hospitals as well as many market companies and banks.  With this type of exposure at this level, it is likely to only increase the demand for the product exponentially.  According to the report of the top 400 companies in the US, 92 percent of them are using the latest iPads.

Source:  CIO

X-Plane for iPad updated to version 9.770

Laminar research has released an update for their X-Plane Application for the iPad.  Version 9.770 is a maintenance update which addresses several issues including:

  • Autopilot response improved… the plane should lock onto your current pitch and roll when autopilot power is dfirst applied. THEN you should be able to enter heading or altitude mode at your liesure.
  • If you are in a fighter, then the other plane should be a fighter as well.
  • RAM footprint is now lowered a bit, which will make crashes less likely if you have been running a bunch of other apps without restarting your device.

The iPad version of the X-Plane application is available from the Apple iTunes Store for $9.99 at:

Open Apple Podcast # 11 now Available

The Open Apple Podcast, produced by Apple ][ fans Mike Maginnis and Ken Gagne, is now available on the Open Apple Poscast website.  This is the 11th edition of Open Apple and features guest host David Greelish of the Retro Computing Rountable Podcast.

This month Ken and Mike run through a host of news items including Steve Jobs' passing, the 175,000 Apple-1, the 1.6 million dollar apple document, and the John Scully Interview done by David Greelish, as well as a bit about Apple ][ History curator, Dr. Steven Weyhrich.

David Greelish has also released his new book of the entire "Historically Brewed" newsletter.  The book was funded  through kickstarter and at last count, less than 30 were left available.

You can hear the podcast in its entirety at the Open Apple Podcast Website:


Kodak Sues Apple and HTC

Kodak, one the verge of being bankrupt, has filed a lawsuit against Apple and HTC suggesting that the companies have infringed on patents held the Kodak.   The patents concerned in the release from Kodak stated that Apple and HTC both infringed on:

  • U.S. Patent No. 7,210,161 – “Automatically Transmitting Images from an Electronic Camera to a Service Provider Using a Network Configuration File”
  • U.S. Patent No. 7,742,084 – “Network Configuration File for Automatically Transmitting Images from an Electronic Still Camera”
  • U.S. Patent No. 7,453,605 – “Capturing Digital Images to be Transferred to an E-Mail Address”
  • U.S. Patent No. 7,936,391 – “Digital Camera with Communications Interface for Selectively Transmitting Images over a Cellular Phone Network and a Wireless LAN Network to a Destination”

The patents which were long ago granted to Kodak, have been little used but with Kodak bleeding stock price and needing cash, this may be the path that they take for the immediate future in order to garner more time to recover from their lack of foresight to go into the digital photography arena.

Source: Business Wire

New Coating Waterproofs iPhone and other Smartphones

A new coating produced by Liquipel, a company in Santa Ana, California, totally waterproofs the iphone.  The process, being displayed at CES 2012, cost $59.95 to have done, and the user must ship the iPhone to the company to have it waterproofed.  This process can be applied to any smartphone and apparently will protect the phone even if it is totally submerged in water.

For more information about Liquipel, check out their website at:

Keynote Speakers for Vintage Computer Festival East 8.0 Announced

Vintage Computer festival East (VCF East) keynote speakers have been announced on the VCF website. VCF East is scheduled to happen May 5th and May 6th at the InfoAge Science Center in Wall New Jersey.  Considered the smorgasbord of vintage computing, VCF covers the gamut of vintage computing platforms. It also is the only remaining event of the VCF Festivals after the downturn in the economy.

The Saturday session will be headlined by the creator of the BASIC programming language, Tom Kurtz.  Tom created BASIC in 1964 while he was at Dartmouth University.

The Sunday session is scheduled to be headlined by the man known as Apple employee #12, Daniel Kottke.  Daniel was involved with Apple from a very early time and even traveled to India with Steve Jobs.

For more information about VCF East 8.0, check out the VCF website at:

New Mod Allows 12 Bit VGA Color Using Carte Blance

A new modification for the Carte Blanche Board allows the user to get 12 bit color output from the board. The creator of the modification for the board, posted the following in CSA2:

“I have made a little modification to the Carte Blanche to allow 12 bit color VGA output for the Apple IIgs. The modification is very simple to make. Its just a cable with some resistors and a bit-stream to send the video to the IDE connector instead of the on-board 6 bit video connector. No altering of the Carte Blanche itself. The new bitstream now allows the full 4096 colors, handles palettes correctly and works in both 640 and 320 SHR modes.”

According to a posting on the website, a board will be produced Garberstreet Enterprises should enough people be interested in it.    Currently, the mod is only available in instruction form and users must create their own cable.

The modification cable he talks about in the posting is shown in detail on the Charlies Stuff website at:

Really Wild iPad Drop from 100,000 feet

Have you ever wondered what would happened if you dropped your ipad?  What if it was dropped out of an airplane?  Well, the guys at G-Form already did that one and had to go one better.  Using a weather balloon, they took an iPad to 100,000 feet insulated with their G-From Extreme Edge Case.  Amazingly, the iPad drops to earth and survives.  Dont believe it?  Check it out for yourself!:

Apple Archives Link Library Updated

A.P.P.L.E. has updated the Apple Archives Link site with over 50 new links and now has more than 250 vintage apple links.  The site includes categories for nearly every aspect of vintage apple computing including software, emulation and project related links.  Some of the new features of the archives include:

  • New Pull Down menus for each category
  • Added DVD and Apple IIgs categories to the archives
  • Single click to website links

There currently are another 25 links remaining in the submission system which will be added in the coming days. For more information or to use the Apple Archives, go to: