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Eamon Adventure Library (Dos 3.3)

# Title Creator
1 Main Hall & Beginners Cave D. Brown
2 The Lair of the Minotaur D. Brown
3 The Cave of the Mind Jacobson/Varnum
4 The Zyphur Riverventure J. Jacobson
5 Castle of Doom D. Brown
6 The Death Star D. Brown
7 The Devil's Tomb J. Jacobson
8 The Abductor's Quarters J. Jacobson
9 Assault on the Clonemaster D. Brown
10 The Magic Kingdom D. Cook
11 The Tomb of Molinar D. Brown
12 The Quest for Trezore J. Jacobson
13 Caves of Treasure Island Genz & Braun
14 Furioso W. Davis
15 Heroes Castle J. Nelson
16 The Caves of Mondamen J. Nelson
17 Merlin's Castle R. Hersom
18 Hogarth Castle K. Nestle
19 Death Trap J. Nelson
20 The Black Death J. Nelson
21 The Quest for Marron J. Nelson
22 The Senator's Chambers J. Plamondon
23 The Temple of Ngurct J&R Plamondon
24 Black Mountain J. Nelson
25 Nuclear Nightmare J. Nelson
26 Assault on the Mole Man J. Nelson
27 Revenge of the Mole Man J. Nelson
28 The Tower of London F.& S. Smith
29 The Lost Island of Apple D. Brown
30 The Underground City S. Adelson
31 The Gauntlet J. Nelson
32 House of Ill Repute Anonymous
33 The Orb of Polaris J. Nelson
34 Death's Gateway R. Linden
35 The Lair of Mutants E. Hodson
36 The Citadel of Blood E. Hodson
37 Quest for the Holy Grail E. Hodson
38 City in the Clouds E. Hodson
39 Museum of Unnatural History R.Volberding
40 Daemon's Playground R.Volberding
41 Caverns of Lanst R.Volberding
42 Alternate Beginners Cave R.Volberding
43 Priests of Xim! M & E Bauman
44 Escape from the Orc Lair J. Hinkleman
45 SwordQuest R. Pender
46 Lifequest D. Crawford
47 FutureQuest R. Pender
48 Picnic in Paradise J. Nelson
49 The Castle Kophinos D. Doumakes
50 Behind the Sealed Door T. Berge
51 The Caves of Eamon Bluff T. Berge
52 The Devil's Dungeon J. Merrill
53 Feast of Carroll D&J Lilienkamp
54 Crystal Mountain K. Hoffman
55 The Master's Dungeon J. Allen
56 The Lost Adventure J. Allen
57 The Manxome Foe R. Olszewski
58 The Land of Death T. Berge
59 Jungles of Vietnam J. Allen
60 The Sewers of Chicago J. Allen
61 The Harpy Cloud A. Forter
62 The Caverns of Doom M. Mullin
63 Valkenburg Castle J. Weener
64 Modern Problems Anderson/Barban/Thompson
65 The School of Death K. Townsend
66 Dungeons of Xenon S. Bhayani
67 Chaosium Caves S. Bhayani
68 The Smith's Stronghold A. Porter
69 The Black Castle of NaGog D. Burrows
70 The Tomb of Y'Golonac R. Romanchuk
71 Operation Crab Key J. Vercellone
72 House on Eamon Ridge T. Berge
73 The Deep Canyon K. Blincoe
74 DharmaQuest R. Pender
75 Temple of the Guild D. Doumakes
76 The Search for Yourself D. Doumakes
77 Temple of the Trolls J. Nelson
78 The Prince's Tavern R. Davis
79 The Castle of Count Fuey D. Brown

The Search for the Key (80a)

D. Brown
81 The Rescue Mission (80b) D. Brown
82 Escape from Mansi Island S. Starkey
83 The Twin Castles J. Tankard
84 Castle of Riveneta R. Karsten
85 The Time Portal E. Kuypers
86 Castle Mantru S. Constanzo
87 Caves of Hollow Mountain J. Nelson
88 The Shopping Mall A. Porter
89 Super Fortress of Lin Wang S. Bhayani
90 The Doomsday Clock J. Tankard
91 FutureQuest II R. Pender
92 The Fugitive D. Doumakes
93 Flying Circus R. Krebs
94 Blood Feud R. Krebs
95 The Maze of Quasequeton B. Kondalski
96 The Chamber of the Dragons B. Kondalski
97 The House of Secrets G. Gunn
98 Slave Pits of Kzorland R. Hersam
99 In the Clutches of Torrik J. Nelson
100 Sorceror's Spire J. Nelson
101 Ground Zero Sam
102 The Eamon Railroad Sam
103 Top Secret Sam
104 The Lost World Sam
105 The Strange Resort Sam
106 Camp Eamon R. Slemon
107 The Last Dragon R. Pender
108 The Mines of Moria S. Ruby
109 The Forest of Fear S. Ruby
110 Fire Island G. Gioia
111 A Vacation in Europe D. Smith
112 Hills of History D. Smith
113 The Life-Orb of Mevtrelek R. Volberding
114 Thror's Ring T. Zuchowski
115 The Ring of Doom S. Ruby
116 The Iron Prison S. Ruby
117 Dungeon of Doom D. Knezek
118 Pittfall S. Starkey
119 Grunewalde | Disk 2 P. Hurst
120 Orb of My Life J. Nelson
121 Wrenhold's Secret Vigil R. Davis
122 The Valley of Death S. Ruby
123 Wizard of the Spheres M. Elkin
124 Assault on Dolni Keep T. Zuchowski
125 The Mattimoe Palace J. Actor
126 The Pyramid of Anharos P. Hurst
127 The Hunt for the Ring S. Ruby
128 Quest of Erebor S. Ruby
129 Return to Moria | Disk 2 S. Ruby
130 Haradwaith S. Ruby
131 Nucleus of the Ruby K. Somers
132 Rhadshur Warrior R. Pender
133 The Final Frontier R. Slemon
134 Pyramid of the Ancients J.& R. Pirone
135 The Tomb of Evron M. Greifenkamp
136 The Mountain Fortress M. Greifenkamp
137 The Ruins of Ivory Castle M. Greifenkamp
138 Starfire E. Phillips
139 Peg's Place M&A Anderson
140 Beginner's Forest M. Anderson
141 The Infested Fortress M&P Hamaoka
142 The Beermeister's Brewery J. Actor
143 The Alternate Zone J. Actor
144 Gartin Manor G. Gioia
145 Buccaneer! | Disk 2 P. Hurst
146 The House of Horrors D. Cross
147 The Dark Brotherhood | Disk 2 P. Hurst
148 Journey to Jotunheim T. Zuchowski
149 Elemental Apocalypse | Disk 2 | Disk 3 | Disk 4 | Disk 5 S. Ruby
150 Walled City of Darkness T. Zuchowski
151 Eamon S.A.R.-1 (Deneb Raid) D. Crawford
152 The Computer Club of Fear N. Segerlind
153 Lost! N. Segerlind
154 A Trip to Fort Scott W. Trent
155 Tomb of the Vampire Trent/Grayson
156 The Lake N. Segerlind
157 Pathetic Hideout of Mr. R. N. Segerlind
158 The Lair of Mr. Ed N. Segerlind
159 The Bridge of Catzad-Dum N. Segerlind
160 Monty Python & Holy Grail N. Segerlind
161 Operation Endgame | Disk 2 | Disk 3 S. Ruby
162 Eamon 7.0 Demo Adventure T. Zuchowski
163 The Sands of Mars T. Swartz
164 A Real Cliffhanger T. Swartz
165 Animal Farm | Disk 2 S. Ruby
166 Storm Breaker | Disk 2 | Disk 3 S. Ruby
167 Expedition to the Darkwoods G. Gioia
168 The High School of Horrors M.Haney/A.Hunt
169 The Black Phoenix R. Pender
170 Ragnarok Revisited N. Segerlind
171 The Pyramid of Cheops R. Parker
172 The Mountain of the Master M. Dalton
173 The House that Jack Built R. Parker
174 Escape from Granite Hall R. Parker
175 Anatomy of the Body R. Parker
176 Dirtie Trix's Mad Maze R. Parker
177 Shippe of Fooles R. Parker
178 The Alien Intruder R. Parker
179 The Wizard's Tower R. Parker
180 Gamma 1 R. Parker
181 The Eamon Sewer System R. Parker
182 Farmer Brown's Woods R. Parker
183 The Boy and the Bard S. Ruby
184 Quest For Orion P. Gise
185 The Body Revisited R. Parker
186 Beginner's Cave II J. Nelson
187 Batman!! A. Geha
188 Encounter: The Bookworm R. Parker
189 The Ruins of Belfast D. Sparks
190 Shift Change at Grimmwax D&A Sparks
191 Enhanced Beginners Cave Brown/Nelson
192 Mean Streets T. Tetirick
193 The Creature of Rhyl R. Parker
194 Attack of the Kretons N. Segerlind
195 The Training Ground C. Hewgley
196 The Cat House Anonymous
197 Star Wars-Tempest One S. Averill
198 Revenge of the Bookworm R. Parker
199 Quest of the Crystal Wand R. Davis2
200 The Lost Isle R. Davis2
201 The Caverns of Vanavara C. Hewgley
202 The Plain of Srevi K. Ivers
203 Lotto's Masterpiece H. Haskell
204 Sanctuary Disk 2 S. Ruby
205 Utterly Outrageous P. Gise
206 Curse of the Hellsblade Nelson/Zuchowski
207 Eamon Renegade Club P. Schulz
208 Assault on Helstar P. Schulz
209 Apocalypse 2021 H. Purvis
210 Return of Ngurct H. Purvis
211 Lair of the Marauders H. Purvis
212 Haunted Keep H. Purvis
213 Demongate H. Purvis
214 Deathstalker's Castle P. Schulz
215 Treasure Island M. Anderson
216 The Pirate's Cave M. Anderson
217 Eye of Agamon H. Purvis
218 Return to Pendrama H. Purvis
219 The City of Sorcerors R. Osgood
220 Catacombs of Terror P. Schulz
221 Count Dracula's Castle R. Parker
222 The Halls of the Adept Berge/Cottingham
223 Time-Shift C. Sena
224 Prisoner of Darkness P. Schulz
225 Adventure in Interzone F. Kunze
226 Bookworm 3-D R. Parker
227 B I Z A R R O A. Porter
228 Shipwreck Island R. Ledbetter
229 Firestorm P. Schulz
230 Well of the Great Ones M. Ellis
231 Keep of Skull Gorge D. Kellogg
232 Jewel of Yara H. Purvis
233 The Domain of Zenoqq R. Claney
234 The Forbidden City R. Parker
235 Vaalpa's Plight H. Haskell
236 Search for Mack C. Roth
237 Fiends of Eamon F. Kunze




SD#137 Redemption S. Ruby
SD#152 Banana Republic S. Ruby
SD#156 The Curse of Talon S. Ruby