Intuiware Releases Changes Meter Update for Mac OS X


Intuiware has released an update for Changes Meter, the URL change checking software.  Change Meter Version 1.80 includes a host of fixes including improved Growl support, basic support for proxies,and they have  fixed the problem of the program incorrectly reporting URL changes.


Some of the addition changes within the program include:

  • Added option to hide unchanged URLs in the menubar icon menu
  • Added full support for Growl 2.0
  • Added basic support for http and https proxies, using the settings stored in the System Preferences
  • Added option to display either the URL or page title in a Growl notification
  • Now sends a Growl notification when a check is complete
  • Fixed encoding recognition, in particular Asian encoding are now handled correctly and page changes are now reported correctly
  • Unreachable URLs are now reported correctly with full support for OpenDNS users

Changes Meter allows you to enter the URLs of your favorite websites and the program runs in the task bar checking on changes in websites.  The checks are performed in a time set by the end user, and displays the amount of changes in a small pie chart with green area set for changes and red area set for sites that are offline.


Intuiware is a one man software company in Italy which also produces Hot Plan and Rotate Files apps for Mac OS X.  The company is run by developer Massimilano Origgi.  For more about Intuiware or to download their software, go to:

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