AppleIIWorks Envoy for Mac OS X Announced


By Hugh Hood (CSA2)

AppleIIWorks Envoy is a ‘faceless’ application for Mac OS X (10.4.x Tiger
through 10.8.x Mountain Lion) with a two-fold purpose.

First, it provides for Mac OS X Finder recognition of Apple II AppleWorks
Files, presenting both a custom Mac Finder icon as well as a custom ‘Kind’
description for AppleWorks Word Processor (AWP), Database (ADB) and
Spreadsheet (ASP) files.

Second, the application implements a Spotlight metadata importer for
AppleWorks Word Processor (ProDOS type ‘AWP/$1A’) files that not only
indexes the text content of these files, but also sets (2) ProDOS-related
custom metadata attributes that display in the ‘More Info’ portion of the
Mac Finder ‘Get Info’ window.

For more information on AppleIIWorks Envoy, including some screen shots, and
to download, visit:


AppleIIWorks Envoy is compiled as a 4-way Universal Binary for both PPC and
Intel, 32-bit and 64-bit, and runs under Mac OS X 10.4.x (Tiger) through Mac
OS X 10.8.x (Mountain Lion).

Easily download from comp.binaries.apple2

The Usenet newsgroup comp.binaries.apple2 contains about 2-3 thousand Apple II programs, but they’re tricky to download to an emulator or a real Apple II, owing to the fact that they’re all encoded with ASCII armor.

Well thanks to Format Converter, technology that will decode all the Apple II and Macintosh file formats, these files from comp.binaries.apple2 can be easily downloaded to your computer as a ShrinkIt file. BinSCII files will be decoded (usually to ShrinkIt archives) and so will Executioner format.

The ONLY limitation so far is that multi-part archives are not joined. I will have this last bit going ASAP. Something else I found wrong, but that is beyond my control, is that some of the ShrinkIt files have a bad CRC. They will probably still extract OK if you’ve got a program that will ignore a mismatched CRC.

Here is an example file, Anix2.2. Click the bold Download Binary link.

This should also work when using a web browser on the 8-bit Apple such as Contiki, or the Spectrum browser for IIgs. Let me know how it works.

DOS 3.3 Directory List Builders DIR33 and LS33 Announced

The curator of the Aztec C Museum, Bill Buckels, has announce the immediate availability of two new directory builders for Dos 3.3.  The new Directory Builders Dir33 and LS33 are available from the Aztec C Museum as a free download.  Complete source code and documentation is included as part of the download.

According to the note on CSA2 posted by Bill, “ The Aztec C65 DIR33 Project for Apple II DOS 3.3 – RWTS revealed with structures and everything…

Download it here:

Well I have run out of time so no more pdf’s tonight.

This project is documented in the source code comments. The 3 disk images LS33.DSK, DIR33.DSK, and CHTYPE.DSK are configured to display their respective sources when you run them.

So go ahead and run them…

What you have here is a complete Apple II DOS 3.3 native mode compiler environment for building programs for both native mode DOS 3.3 and the Aztec C65 DOS 3.3 Shell.

3 – programs are included for you to run and build if you wish:

LS33 –   A command line directory list builder and shell script writer for the Aztec C DOS 3.3 Shell. This one is really cool… it even reads a scoped list of files from the catalog then plugs them into functional DOS 3.3 shell script formats… you can redirect them to disk and run slideshows and stuff, or do some real work if there’s any left to do on the Apple II in DOS 3.3.
DIR33 –  A directory list builder for “RAW” DOS 3.3  If you don’t want to muck with a command line this is the rugged equivalent of LS33 and will follow you anywhere that a VTOC lives…
CHTYPE – A command line utility for changing DOS 3.3 filetypes. This is the source code and everything, and as a special bonus, I thrwe in a generic buildscript that will build up to 10 shell utilities for DOS 3.3 at once!

Now some additonal information on RWTS (Read Write Track Sector) routines in Aztec C65.

You may have noticed that one of the utilities in the RAT (called DLIST) creates directory lists from the DOS 3.3 catalog command by scraping the
screen. At that particular point in time I had failed miserably to master rwts() in Aztec C65 and in desperation I decided to scrape the Apple II’s
screen to build a file list to preserve what was left of my dignity.

But much has changed since then and as I get closer to putting the pieces of this strange collection of DOS 3.3 compilers together, my dignity has vanished completely…

The utilities that you have here while not of exceptional quality,  are certainly fun to play with, both in the Aztec C DOS 3.3 Shell and in “RAW” DOS 3.3… and although you see me using rwts everywhere these days (in the RAT and the RD hex viewer etc) the 3 programs you have here were the ones I cut my rwts on… this has been going on even longer than I want to think about… ok I’ll come clean. I quit programming Apple II code for a couple of years because I got so frustrated with rwts. Then I dilly-dallyed in ProDOS while I avoided the awful truth!

Honestly… so now I am going to grab a guiness and breath a sigh of relief because I got this out there before my commercial fishing season starts…barely!
But wait! There’s More!!!
Download them now and you will get absolutely free yet even more documentation in that bleary eyed now-familiar burned-out after coding and can barely see format that I have come to know and love:


In case you can’t guess from the name what it’s about here’s a link to a sneak preview:

Read Something else here:

A2Command Version 1.1 Released


A2Command, the Norton Commander style file manager for the Apple ][ series computer has been updated.  Version 1.1 was releaved by author Peyton Byrd with the following updates and changes:

  • This new release features several bugfixes and some improvements including:
  • Added support for the new cc65 functions for listing devices.
  • Fixed viewer to avoid crashing when many spaces are present in one line.
  • Corrected the single file selection when copying.
  • Lowercase and uppercase commands are now active.
  • Date and time are kept when copying files.
  • Fixed some glitches when scrolling through long file lists.

the source code for the program is available and all items related to A2Command are free downloads. For more information or to download A2Command, go to the A2Command website at:

Brutal Deluxe Apple ][ Cassette Collection Reaches 600


The collection of Apple ][ cassettes offered by Brutal Deluxe for download has surpassed the 600 tape milestone.  The collection, owned and curated by Antoine Vignau has been steadily adding more tapes each month as they have been discovered.

The latest updates to the Apple ][ Cassette collection includes items from Powersoft, Inc., Program Design, and Softtape.   The tapes, cassette inlays and catalogs are downloadable from the site.

For more information, check the Brutal Deluxe Casssette Collection website at:

Early Apple ][ Sells for over $23,000 on Ebay


An early Apple ][ computer posted on EBay, sold for for an unheard of $23,099 US today.  The computer with the markings of being serial number 047 of the A2S1 series is a first run case, which does not have the traditional ventilation slots found in later run machines.  It also had a power supply hand marked as serial number 049.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 12.05.59 PM

While most Apple ][ computers sold on the Internet normally go for up to a few hundred dollars, the rarity of this machine made our initial estimates of the selling price in the 10,000 USD range.  This was doubled and then some with some last minute bidding that was quite harried.  The bid on the machine went from 6,000 USD with about 15 seconds left to 10,100 then to 14,000 and finally to the selling price of 23,099 USD.


New Bitstream For SHR Graphics on the Carte Blanche Released


A note from “Charlie” in the CSA2 Usenet group has announced the arrival of Super Hi-Res Graphics capability for the Carte Blanche card in Apple //e emulation mode.  According to the posting, ”

I have made a Carte Blanche bitstream that allows an Apple //e to have SHR graphics.  Most of the JAT stuff has been removed so it is mostly a VGA video card for the //e.  The SHR works pretty much as it does on an Apple IIgs, so you can write 8-bit programs that work in either.   I have included a demo viewer to display some included SHR pictures.

The bitstream also has the ability to save a few settings (similar to the IIgs battery RAM). A program is included to allow saving the settings.

There is also an Applesoft flashing program so that you can flash the bitstream to the Carte Blanche onboard flash memory chip from an Apple //e drive.

You can find more information about the bitstrem and the related downloads on Charlie’s website at:

The Carte Blanche card is a reconfigurable FPGA Apple II card produced by AppleLogic.  More information about the card can be found on the AppleLogic website at:

Charlie has also posted information about the Carte Blance card and his other Apple II projects on his website at:

Brutal Deluxe Adds More Cassettes to the Apple II Collection


Brutal Deluxe, maintainers of the Apple II Cassette collection have announced a couple of new additions to the library.  They include:

  • The Software Factory’s Apple Beneath Manor by Don Worth, with a signed manual from the author
  • Ritam Corporation’s Monty plays monopoly, that is a new publisher.

There are currnetly 592 cassettes listed in the collection.  More are being added as they come in.  If you currently own Apple II cassettes which are not included in the library, you are encouraged to contact Antoine Vignau, curator of the collection.  He can arrange have the cassettes digitized and added to the collection.

For more information about the Apple II Cassette collection or to download cassettes, go to the Apple II cassette website at:

Brutal Deluxe Software is a software publisher specializing in software for the Apple II series computers.

SHELL*SHOCK Tank Battle Game Released for the Apple ][

Shell Shock

Virtual Apple ][ has published a new Apple ][ game.  SHELL*SHOCK is a high paced action tank battle game for the Apple ][ computer.   Originally written in 1985 by Peter Blum, Alan Burkle, and Jonathan Dunaisky, the game has been largely unseen until this month when it was resurrected by the original authors and sent to Virtual Apple ][.

SHELL*SHOCK is unique in the Apple ][ gaming realm as it allows users to battle each other in two player mode over the modem.  While this feature is something that is long lost to the annuls of computing history, in 1985 it was a feature that was not really available in games of the time.

SHELL*SHOCK runs on any Apple II series computer with at least 64K of memory.  The game comes complete with a full 40 page instruction manual, two disks and is freely downloadable from the Virtual Apple ][ website at: