What’s happening in the Apple II world

Let’s take a look at what’s going on with the Apple II:


– Bill Buckels is still hard at work with Aztec C, and he has made a number of shell utilities for this system.

– Eric Shepherd updated his Sweet16 emulator for Mac OS X to version 3.0.1.

– The Daily Apple blog is working on a mapping program and ZBASIC for an IFComp entry.

– Steven Hirsch has saved the ZVX4 8″ disk controller software from extinction.

– BluRry is going to improve his Java Apple emulator key commands for Mac users.

Stable version of JACE – Apple II emulator – Released

Java Apple II emulator author Brendan Robert was quite understandably pleased to announce that his JACE emulator has reached a new milestone.

Said Mr. Robert:

This is the first major release, bringing this emulator within a hair of my original vision for what I wanted it to be: it is a complete recreation of the computer I had growing up. (yaaaaaay!) There are a few bugs left to fix, but the only people in this world that claim software is ever complete are sales people. In spite of its flaws it’s ready to get some heavy use: I took the BETA label off the sourceforge page.

# Several timing and deadlock fixes, this not only spells more stable but also a lot more efficient in some cases.

# AE RamFactor card implemented and working. You will need to install the AE Ram Expander for Appleworks to see the extra storage.
*There is an additional option to max out the speed of the emulator when the ramfactor is in use. This means that any applications using Ram for cache or extra storage will speed up dramatically.

# Mockingboard works perfectly with Ultima 5.
*AE Phasor support has been implemented, but it isn’t working right just yet. For now, just use Mockingboard mode.
*Note: Only use ONE mockingboard. Using more than one will cause the timing issues and sound horrible.
*You can use a mockingboard at the same time as a Passport MIDI card. It has a strange syncopated sound to it. it does reveal, however, that the mockingboard playback is pitch-perfect. :-)

# Visual UI completely overhauled: Now fullscreen is possible (press F9)
*Pressing F8 while in fullscreen will toggle aspect-constrained or stretched displays.

# Indicator icons now appear for:
*Disk II activity
*Mass storage activity
*Mouse activation
*SSC activity
*RamFactor activity

Visit the JACE Web site

JACE is free open-source software, licensed under the LGPL. It emulates an Apple IIe with 128K of RAM and an 80 columns card. It supports a disk drive, joysticks, Super Serial Card, AE RamFactor, mass storage, and many other features.

The emulator is compatible with all major computer operating systems.


New Build of JACE Apple ][ Emulator Released

The latest version of the Java Apple Computer Emulator has been released.  JACE is a multi-platform Apple ][ Emulator which focuses on being cycle accurate to the Apple //e.

In a posting on CSA2, developer Brendon Robert said that “JACE finally has a decent amount of updates and I think it’s stable enough to release another build. “

The changes in the emulator since the last build include the following:

  • Better NTSC color emulation
  • Fixes to prevent crashes on start (race condition in video initialization)
  • Tweaks to sound timing
  • Experimental raw sound output (activate/deactivate with F7)
  • Help text on start screen now reports correct key shortcuts
  • Lots of other things that have been forgotten
  • Removed some configuration options that were causing unnecessary grief

You can download the latest build from the  JACE Sourceforge webpage at: