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Apple Releases New iPad Commercial

In response to Microsoft’s release of their new “Surface” tablet, Apple has done exactly what one would expect they would do in lieu of a new product release.  Release a commercial.

The new commercial entitled “Do it all”, highlights the capabilities of the iPad and takes a swipe at the Microsoft product without mentioning it by focusing squarely on the high density retina display.


XperimentalZ Releases Another Update to DRWAPS

XperimentalZ Games has released a second update this week on the iOS game Don’t Run With A Plasma Sword.  This latest update was released to address an issue with resolution being a bit fuzzy on the New iPad and also a bug we discovered here at A.P.P.L.E., freezing of the game if you exited during screen loading.

You can download version 1.1.4 of DRWAPS from the Apple iTunes store at:


New iPad Release Day Stock Apparently Sold Out

The Apple Online Store is now reporting a March 19th Delivery date for the New iPad.  The New iPad or iPad 3 was introduced this week in an event in San Francisco.  While the pricing of the units remained the same, the speed of the graphics in the machines was increased and the display changed to a Retina display allowing display of 2048 by 1536 pixel resolution.  Apple also installed 5 megapixel cameras in the new machines allowing 1080p HD Video recording at 30 frames per second.

While many speculated that stocks were low, no one expected the release event stocks to sell out in a matter of three days.  While this could mean that the New iPad is really popular and is selling well, it is more likely that the number of units Apple put forth for the release were in the 500,000 unit range.

Apple Posts New iPad TV Ad

The latest iPad television spot is now available online.  The ad for the latest rendition of the iPad touts the new display and the colors and density of the display.  While the TV spot lacks any real details of the machine, it does highlight the capabilities of the machine, it is more meant to entice people to go look at the machine, following the card sent out to the press in showing “something to See and to Touch”.

The Apple account on you tube has the video shown below:

Apple Introduces new iPad

Tim Cook took the stage today in San Francisco and quickly worked through a number of stats, finally introducing Japanese Siri and then the new upgraded Apple TV.  However, that was not the highlight.  The iPad 3 came up on the screen, sleeker, and smoother, with Retina Display and Quad Core Graphics with the Apple 5X CPU.   The machine comes with a 5 megapixel camera and has 1080P Video Recording.   It has standard voice dictation and is  4G LTE next generation wireless.     Verizon, Rogers, Bell, Telus, and AT&T will all be LTE partners.   All of the new iPads will come with 3G so they will work globally.

The iPad 3 can also now act as a hotspot for your wireless devices. The battery life on the new iPad will be 10 hours and 9 hours for 4G LTE  The Ipad 3 will come in 3 models: 16gb, 32gb, and 64gb with the pricing at $499/$599/$699 unless you want 4G and then it is $629/$729/$829.

The new iPad 3 will be available on 16 March in the main countries including Japan and then additional countries on March 23rd.  The iPad 2 will continue to be available for $399 for the 16gb model.  Wi-Fi + 3G will be $529.


Bytes From The Apple — What We Expect From Todays Apple Event

By Bill Martens

With Apple poised to introduce the Apple iPad 3 or it’s equivalent, we decided to sit down and write a short laundry list of items we figure we will see today.   Many of the rumors running the mill this week have been everything from the outlandish to the absolutely hilarious and it is time to put a bit more of a cap on it all and bring the rumors back to a bit of reality.

The first thing we will see is a lot of updates to the iBooks and Apple’s educational efforts.  The iPad is an integral part of the educational effort and Apple really wants to grab even more of the market as they roll out the next version of their iPad.   These changes will include some changes to the EULA allowing more friendlier terms but they will still control the core of the technology.

The second thing we will see is the Catalogs section fleshed out in its entirety.  Apple showed glimpses of the catalog section this week, but the reality is that they are going after every major department store and seller in an effort to put them right up there with Amazon in reach in the market.   Amazon has long been pushing to over run all the other sellers, but Apple is looking to bring them totally int he fold.   I see the catalog bit not just being the catalogs, but eventually the products as well, with Apple obviously getting a percentage of the sales from that as well.

The third thing obviously will be the iPad 3 or the iPad HD or what ever the iPad will be called.  We are seeing signs that the configuration will be the 32/64/128 gb units with the top end only offering the typical Apple slight increase in memory.  It is highly doubtful that we would see 256gb on the iPad for two reasons.  The first is the cost of the memory alone would push the top end model well over the $799 range that Apple likes to keep their top end model at.  The second is the fact that Apple really wants the users of the iPad to use the iCloud service.  However, that is not really a realistic approach since syncing movies between the devices can take days at times.

The display on the iPad 3 will likely be a retina display, complete with it’s high capabilities as well as the high definition cameras that are currently on the iPhone 4S.  While many people have been pushing for Siri on the iPad, I for one dont see it happening.  At least not in any major way as that would undercut what Apple is trying to do with the iPhone 4S.  While we will see a faster CPU in the iPad 3, we will not see the mythical quad core CPU as it would price the iPad right out of peoples hands and it would also produce so much heat that Apple would have a new issue on hand with people suing them for burning their hands.

The other thing we will see this morning is an update to the Apple TV box.  While many folks are expecting more, it would be absolutely disastrous for Apple to take on the TV industry full force right off the bat.  What we do see instead is a marked improvement of the Apple TV box with more HDD space and a better remote control, allowing users to have the type of viewing experience envisioned by Steve Jobs.   This will include the ability to not only watch the TV shows and the Movies but also to watch streaming television, likely incorporating some of the major cable companies.   Slingboxes have become popular devices in the past few years and Apple may target that as well as the standard cable box, wanting to become the primary distributor of the box that people will want instead of the typical cable box or digital box.  Apple will introduce it as the logical next step.

The upgrades to the Apple TV box will likely be a 500gb HDD internal to the box.  This would make it compete directly with those Mac Mini’s for the users living rooms.   As a true believer in the Mac Mini’s capabilities, I too have one as the primary box in my living room and not the Apple TV box that everyone thinks should have similar capabilities to the Mac Min.  However, Apple will likely bring that change about today and we could see the revolution in the living room take place beginning today.

While we would obviously like to see more than this, it is highly unlikely that we will.   The One last item will be the pricing of the iPad 2 with Apple lowering the iPad 2 price to match the Kindle Fire and other android tablet devices in a more concerted effort to totally drive them out of the market place.   This is a move that Apple could make up costs with by the contracts and they could even get the phone companies to take them on to give them away for next to nothing if not for fre with two year contracts.

With 15 Minutes to go until game time, errr….I mean Event time, well, that is what we see.  I hope everyone gets what they want out of this event and I, for one, am looking forward to what Santa Cook is bringing us.

Apple Store Now Offline in Anticpation of New Products

The Apple Store has been taken offline in anticipation of updates from this morning’s Apple Event in San Francisco.  The event in which the highly anticipated iPad 3 or iPadHD as some are calling it may also feature Apple’s latest rendition of the Apple TV unit which allows users to watch iTunes Store movies on their television.   While no hard details are out yet, there are a ton of rumors swirling around with everything from a complete new television to a major upgrade to the products.

The Apple store going offline is now normal practice prior to the Apple events and usually, it comes back online just after the products are announced.

The Apple store is at:


Invitations for Apple’s iPad 3 Event Sent Out — March 7 It Is!

Invitations for the next release of the iPad went out to the media today, with Apple proclaiming “We have something you really have to see. And touch.” The event for the iPad 3 release is scheduled to take place on March 7, 2012 at 10:00am PST at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. The event has been talked about greatly throughout the media rumor circles for the past several weeks with this event being the worst kept secret of Apple’s history.

What Apple Must Do To Make The Education Initiative Work

This morning, Apple announced their new initiative to make education one of their highest priorities.  This announcement has not really changed their stance on the subject of education, but the way in which they did it deserves merit.

The first thing that Apple did is to eliminate the physical books and the cutting down of trees to print those books.  This alone will save Billions of dollars each year and definitely help save the forests that are so important to our survival.  It will put lots of money back into the state coffers to buy equipment and to improve our schools, and perhaps even pay our teachers the money that they should get paid for educating our children.

However, in spite of the glossy apps and the wonderful tool that the iPad is, there is still one thing which is out of reach.  It is the iPad itself.  In Japan, the phone companies actually subsidize the iPad to a great extend with their “iPad for Everyone” campaign.  This means that anyone who can make a small monthly payment can get one.   Of course, this must be subsidized even further either by the states or by Apple themselves in order to put an iPad in the hands of every student within all of the states.  Students should be handed an iPad the minute they walk into the schools their first year with periodic upgrades of the machines as needed, say every three or four years.

They also need to be accounted for so that if they are stolen, they can be tracked down.  This means that the “Where is my iPhone” app will need to be turned on and Apple will need to get to the business of turning in the thieves to police.  Their current policy of non-involvement cannot carry over when we are talking about students machines.

The other thing that must change in order for this to work is the machine specifications itself.  While 64gb may be fine if you intend on doing absolutely nothing much with your machine, the minute you introduce books that could potentially take up to 2gb each means that people with a few dozen books will quickly fill their machines.  I currently only have 10 movies on mine plus my music library and it is nearly plum full.    This will be even more important as students implement the iTunesU app where the downloads of the lectures can take a great deal of space on the iPad in a hurry.

My recommendation would be that the iPad 3 (if that is indeed what Apple will call it) should have a minimum of 256gb and have all of the amenities of the iPhone 4S.  This would allow students to not only use the machines for their studies but potentially use their iPads for their projects as well.  This would especially be true if Apple comes out with a version of the iBooks Author App for the iPad.

While many folks are concentrating on the little failures of Apple such as the glare from the iPad and other such issues, the real issue is that in the long term this initiative could save states a ton of money and the students a lot of time, giving them more time to really learn what is necessary in order to be competitive in this high paced world.  Failure to make the iPad accessible and specification worthy on the part of Apple would be disastrous, not only for the initiative but also for the idea of the program itself.

Notes:  My own personal concerns about the problem of everyone having the same thing, the same books, the same machines smacks of the Orwellian idea of Big Brother.  I guess this comes from having been educated with books such as Animal Farm, 1984, Brave New World, and other utopian books which teach the dangers of such orderly society.   However, as long as we give the students the right to freely think about the topics they are taught, this idea of a single line of thought will never become a reality.

iPad 3 Coming in March 2012

For those who have been waiting for the next edition of their iPad, it appears that your wait is nearly over.  Bloomberg is claiming that the iPad will be released in March, complete with high definition screen as well as LTE networking capability.   This speculation could be due to the Apple Event which is scheduled for next week, however,  it is highly unlikely that Apple is ready to deliver on such an advanced model of the iPad so soon.

The features of the new iPad will likely be similar to those of the new iPhone 4S in the camera category, one area Apple has yet to really improve drastically upon is the memory.  Current machines 64gb limitation is dragging on the real capabilities of the machines with downloads of just a few movies completely filling the current model iPads.  In order for Apple to clearly differentiate themselves from the other tablet machines, they are going to have to up the memory to a minimum of 256gb if not higher.

Source: Bloomberg