SOPA Looking Like Sunk Ship

The SOPA Bill which was initially intended as an anti piracy bill, is now looking like it is becoming less of a threat to become Law.   The White House and President Obama spoke out against the bill this past weekend and congress has now officially dropped the bill.

This does not mean that there will not be some type of legislation forthcoming, as the PIPA bill is still being actively pursued in the Senate, in spite of seven senators coming out and dropping their co-sponsorship of the bill.

Companies like GoDaddy have taken a beating over their support of these bills and most people do not want them as it provides companies an easy way to censor the internet without much due process of law or check and balances normally accorded webmasters through the DMCA laws.

source: MacObserver

GOP Co-Sponsors of PIPA Ask Reid to Cancel Vote

PIPA, the senate version of SOPA is now officially on the rocks.  Seven members of the Senate who are co-sponsors of the bill are now asking Majority Leader, Harry Reid, not to hold a vote on PIPA.   Apparently, they have been feeling the heat from their constituents and are finally agreeing that there are just too many issues with the bill as written that would severely censor the internet, cause litigation and impede on the 1st Amendment rights of Americans.

Source: OpenCongressBlog