A2Command 1.0 released

Payton Byrd of the A2Command Development team released the following post on CSA2 about the release of A2Command 1.0 earlier today:

Release Notes

This is the full release version of A2Command 1.0, dated February 21,
2011. These notes supersede any prior version’s notes. All prior
releases may be found on the project’s website at http://a2command.codeplex.com/releases/
where you can read the release notes for older versions as well as
download them.

This version of A2Command is intended to replace any previous version
you may have downloaded in the past. There were several bug fixes made
after Release Candidate 2 and all users should upgrade.

A2Command is distributed in four different media archives:

1) 140K DSK (DOS Ordered) Image
2) 140K PO (ProDOS Ordered) Image
3) 800K PO (ProDOS Ordered) Image – This includes the DSK, 140K PO,
and ShrinkIT archive in the 800K disk image.
4) ShrinkIT Archive

A2Command is distributed for your enjoyment, but is completely free of
any warranty or other liability on behalf of its creators. This is
free software. While we have worked very hard to create a very
reliable program, it is inevitable that bugs may/will be found. PLEASE
contact us if you find a bug by sending an email to payton at paytonbyrd dot com,
or leaving a bug report on the project website (http://a2command.codeplex.com).

Initial reviews of the program have been favorable and the development team is offering a $50 bounty for someone to write the manual for the package.  This is a definite must have package for every real Apple ][ user.

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