Apple ][ Documentation Project Reaches 10GB Milestone

The Apple ][ Documentation Project which was started by Marc Ressl, author of the Apple][GO emulator for cell phones and Java based systems, has reached a milestone  not thought of in the 1980’s.  With disk sizes measured in kilo bytes and hard disk images in megabytes, the project has been accumulating documentation and software over the past several years and has finally reached the 10gb plateau.  In spite of it’s large size, this is in no way the end of the project or as large as it will be as there are still thousands of items yet to be documented in the directory.

The Apple ][ Documentation Project has sections with Books, Hardware Schematics, Software, and a Variety of Apple II series computers and peripherals, complete with all of the software and board designs, photos and schematics.

You can reach the Apple ][ Documentation Project website at:

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