New Build of JACE Apple ][ Emulator Released

The latest version of the Java Apple Computer Emulator has been released.  JACE is a multi-platform Apple ][ Emulator which focuses on being cycle accurate to the Apple //e.

In a posting on CSA2, developer Brendon Robert said that “JACE finally has a decent amount of updates and I think it’s stable enough to release another build. “

The changes in the emulator since the last build include the following:

  • Better NTSC color emulation
  • Fixes to prevent crashes on start (race condition in video initialization)
  • Tweaks to sound timing
  • Experimental raw sound output (activate/deactivate with F7)
  • Help text on start screen now reports correct key shortcuts
  • Lots of other things that have been forgotten
  • Removed some configuration options that were causing unnecessary grief

You can download the latest build from the  JACE Sourceforge webpage at:

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