Open Emulator 1.0.2 is Released

The Open Emulator is an Apple emulator for multiple platforms, written by Marc Ressl.  He announced yesterday in the CSA2 that his version 1.0.2 of the emulator was available for immediate download from the Open Emulator Website.

Included in this latest version is the emulation of the True 1977 Apple ][ computer as well as the Apple-1 platform.   He has included the following features in the emulator:

  • Emulates the 1977 Apple II
  • Joystick/mouse support with programmable axis and button mapping, sensitivity, reversal, and joystick auto detection
  • Supports PAL/NTSC video generation and crystal frequency (14.31818 MHz vs 14.25 MHz)
  • Cycle-accurate video emulation
  • Support for several character sets
  • Emulates the floating bus
  • Support of the Apple II cassette interface
  • Support for Apple II revision 0 and 1 or later.
  • Added the AppleColor Composite Monitor

Eventually, if the plans are implemented as stated in early memos from Marc, the Open Emulator will support all Apple ][ series computers.  You can download the latest version at:

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