Version 1.63 of cAndy Apple Released

Garnet Ulrich has released an update to his popular Apple ][ Emulator for Android mobile units.  The program allows users with Version 2.1 or higher to run a true Apple ][ emulator on their phone.

Changes included in version 1.63 are as follows:

  • Bluetooth game controller support, including Wiimote, through Bluez-IME.
  • Touchscreen joystick controls.
  • Monochrome amber, green and white emulation options.
  • ‘No button’ mode available in landscape.
  • Number Munchers for download.

According to Garnet Ulrich, the programs creator, “Version 1.62 is available for devices up to Android 1.6 and Version 1.63 requires Android 2.1 or higher.  It runs on everything from the first Droids, G1and HTC Magic all the way to today’s Xoom etc..  I’ve tried to make it easy for anyone to get started by allowing them to download the required ROM from a 3rd party site if they own an Apple //e and to download diskette images as well if they own a copy of the diskette.

Some of the major features of the program include:

  • Capture screen shots as Android wallpaper or to email directly from the phone.
  • About 40 diskette images for download from 3rd party sites.
  • Ability to save ‘state’.
  • C++ apple ‘engine’ based on awesome Applewin codebase for maximum compatibility.
  • Support for dpad, trackball, bluetooth and user-definable on-screen ‘buttons’.

cAndy Apple is available for free on the Android market at:

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