Sheppyware introduces Trasher for the IIgs

From Eric Shepherd’s post on CSA2:

I’ve released my first all-new project in years! Trasher is a new
extension for the Apple IIgs that adds support for using Command-
Delete on your keyboard to delete the selected icons in the Finder.

In addition, if you have SideClick installed, you get “Move to Trash”
and “Empty Trash” contextual menu items as appropriate!

The funny story behind Trasher is that I actually started working on
this project back in 1994, but was unable at that time to figure out a
way to make it work. I finally had the grand epiphany this summer
during KansasFest and spend the last few weeks working out the kinks
and making it work.

You can get more information about, and download, Trasher here:

It’s available for download both as a ShrinkIt archive and as a
Universal Disk Image file, so it’s easy to get onto both real Apple
IIgs computers and emulators.

If you don’t already have SideClick, you can get that here:

I hope you find it as handy as I do!



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