Silver Platter IIgs is now Freeware

Silver Platter is a NDA HTTP Server for the Apple IIgs computer and is the only one available for the IIgs . The program has been reclassified as freeware by the original author, Kelvin W Sherlock, as of 1 October 2011 and is freely available for download from his website.

The current version of Silver Platter supports HTTP versions .9 through 1.1. This product was formerly a commercial product, and is still available from Syndicomm as of press time. Kelvin is also the author of GShisen, which is also available from his website.

if you want an actual diskette of the program and cannot download it, you can still purchase it from Syndicomm for $5.00 USD. (This price was listed on the Syndicomm Store as of press time)

A To view the currnet status of the program and to get information on possible expansion ideas for the product, check out Kelvin’s website at:

To download the actual package, go to:

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