Applewin Emulator Updated

The Applewin Apple II emulator has been updated. Applewin version was released with a bevy of updates and fixes including: [Change #678] Hotkeys to change emulation speed: [Change #671] Register .woz extension with AppleWin. Updated AppleWin.chm & DELREG.INF. [Bug #685] Fixed support for French Touch’s “CHIP” demo (Mockingboard / multi-TIMER interrupt support). [Bug #677] […]

RetroChallenge RC2019/10

Greetings everybody! The RetroChallenge is now calling for entries in the RC2019/10 competition (1st-31st October, 2019). Time to get you thinking caps on and come up with a retro inspired project and join in the fun with other contestants blogging, tweeting, and generally having fun. If you haven’t joined in before, pop on over to […]

Applesauce FDC Client Updated

John Keoni Morris has announced the update to his Applesauce Floppy Disk Controller client software. Version 1.2.0 of the Applesauce FDC Client includes a bevy of fixes and enhancements. Some of the new features and changes included in Version 1.2.0 include: Massive amount of work in .woz generation for 5.25 disks. More improvements to 3.5. […]

Diskbrowser Updated to 1.0.38

Denis Molony has updated his java based Apple II Diskbrowser program. The free program which allows users to view a variety of disk images for the Apple II, has gone through a series of updates this month adding more accurate WOZ support for the application. Version 1.0.38 of Diskbrowser includes the following changes and improvements: […]

Mactracker App Updated

The Mactracker app has been updated. Mac tracker, a program created by Ian page, gives details of all the current and past Mac and Apple systems products and devices. Mactracker version 7.8.2 was released on 6 September and offers the following updates to the application. Adds details on the latest macOS releases. Update support status […]

Virtual II Emulator Updated

The Virtual II Apple II Emulator for Mac OS X has been updated. Gerard Putter, curator of the Virtual II emulator, has released version 9.2 of his shareware emulator application. Changed and updates included in the version 9.2 release include: The application is now compatible with (the public beta of) macOS 10.15 Catalina. Fixed an […]