Applewin Apple II Emulator Updated

The Applewin Apple II Emulator has been updated.  Version has been released by Tom Charlesworth, curator of the Applewin project.   Included in this update are the following items: [Change #590] Apple II original: default to 48K (so no LC installed in slot-0). Added new command line switch: -s0 <languagecard|lc> (‘lc’ is an alias for […]

KbooHK WDrive floppy emulator – first look

The Apple II floppy emulator options have been shrinking lately, with availability being limited to a few devices. From the CFFA 3000 last run to most other devices deprecated, there’s only two or three available right now. That’s why KbooHK coming into the Apple II community is quite welcome, and their product promises a great […]

Mini vMac 26.04 Officially Released

The Gryphel Project has announced the immediate availability of Mini vMac version 36.04.  The latest version comes with a slew of changes, fixes and updates including interchange of data to and from the emulator via the Clipboard of the actual machine. For more information or to download the latest version of Mini vMac, check out […]

The Northern Spy — New and Better

The Northern Spy

by Rick Sutcliffe Apple’s new introductions this month are the iPhoneXR and XS, plus the Watch series 4. The latter is becoming more interesting with each new generation, and smart watches seem to have found their principal niche as fitness assistants. The Spy notes, however, that some insurance companies are offering special rates for customers […]