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A.P.P.L.E. Glimpses is a product introduction article. Each month, we will be introducing items which we think are noteworthy here. Although items are listed here, it does not mean an endorsement. It only means that we figured the item was interesting enough to be noted to the Apple community.

This month we have a nice variety of items. We hope that you will find them as interesting as we did. If you do decide to purchase a product we mention here, mention that you saw it in Call-A.P.P.L.E. Magazine.

Netscape 6.2 now available!

Netscape released the latest version of the its Internet browser this week. Their latest attempt to catch back up with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is a solid piece of work. Whether or not this attempt will be enough to bring them back up to where they once were will depend a lot upon how many holes are discovered in the software in the coming weeks and months and how much effort Microsoft puts into bringing their own browser into the foreground.

The war between the two browsing companies has been back in the legal arena in recent weeks with Netscape’s parent company AOL-Time Warner bringing a lawsuit against Microsoft. But up until this release, it was not readily apparent that they would also bring out a new version of software to boost their attempts to gain market share.

Although this release is not much more than a minor update, it does bring about closure to some of the problems that were in version 6.1. It also finally has complete support for the new version of OS X.

You can read more about this at the Netscape home page at http://home.netscape.com/browsers/6/index.html

Netscape World Headquarters P.O. Box 7050
Mountain View, Ca. 94039-7050 Tel: (650) 254-1900 Fax: (650) 528-4124


Xante Introduces 1200 DPI Printer

Xante Corporation introduced a new 1200 DPI Printer for OS X which is both high speed and extremely clear for a monochrome printer. The printer which includes compatibility for Adobe Postscript 3 also has a high speed Risc based controller.

With a claimed 10,000 page toner cartridge life span, this printer will not only be powerful but also economical to run. At a weight of 27 lbs, it is not exactly a lightweight printer but it is definitely a printer that is worth its weight in gold to the small business.

You can read more about this at the Xante web page at http://www.xante.com/products/aw1200/index.html

XANTÉ Corporation 2800 Dauphin Street Suite100 Mobile, AL 36606 Tel: (251) 473-6502 Fax: (251) 473-6503 US & Canada: (800) 926-8839 ussales@xante.com


Seti@home Client Ver.3.07 for Macintosh Now Available

The latest version of the popular combination screen saver / data analyzer from Seti@home is now available for download from the project web site. The screen saver downloads data chunks in 350K blocks from the website and analyzes them when the screen saver is active or in the background depending on the user controlled settings.

The SETI @ Home project that was started in 1996 with a scientific study now boosts more than three million members of which over 500,000 are currently actively analyzing the data chunks. The project uses data garnered from the SETI projects radio antennas and allows users to have their computers analyzing the data while at the same time preventing screen burn in. The unique screen saver project is now the world’s largest private computing project.

You too can join the project if you have not already signed up by going to the website listed in the information below. Many companies and groups have members who form up competing groups to see who can analyze the most data.

The project has accumulated over half a million years of analyzed data and this is constantly being added to on a daily basis. The project is also gearing up for the second round of analyzing information in order to eliminate noise and false signals.

Although the project uses a graphical program as its primary system, the program is also available for other OS’es with text based analyzers. Also certificates of completion are available from the web site once major milestones have been achieved with the first one being 100 blocks of data.

A.P.P.L.E. has donated time on some of its computers to this project and has now passed a total of more than 700 blocks of data analyzed.
The project which is managed by Dr. David P. Anderson resides at U.C. Berkeley and is funded primarily by private and corporate donations.

SETI @ Home

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