Famed Dr. Dobbs Founding Editor Jim Warren Passes Away

Jim Warren, the famed founding editor at the People’s Computer Company, publisher of Dr. Dobbs Journal has passed away. Jim was aged 85 and was known for his intelligent editing of Dr. Dobbs as well as the founding of the West Coast Computer Faire. He died on the 24th in  St. Michaels Medical Center in Silverdale, WA..

Some of the publications he worked on included Intelligent Machines Journal, Later known as InfoWorld, Silicon Gulch Gazette, Datacast Magazine, Computer World, in addition to Dr. Dobbs Journal.

Jim held many degrees including a Masters in Computer Engineering from Stanford University as well as a Masters in Medical Information Science from UC San Francisco in addition to others. He was a long time resident of California, active in activist political actions both on the local level as well as on a state level. He served on the Board of Trustees of San Mateo Community College District from 1986 till 1989.

According to Robert Seaby, “Jim was indeed a Renaissance Man, knowledgable in many areas and curious in so many others. If you had the privilege of knowing Jim or better yet being his friend then you knew a very kind, honorable, generous and socially responsible gentleman. “

Jim spent the last years of his life enjoying the sights and sounds of the Puget Sound area residing in Hansville, Wa.

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