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Apple sells 350,000 Textbooks Since Launch

In the 5 days since the launch of the Textbooks section of the Apple Book Store, they have sold approximately 350,000 books according to Global Equities Research.  They also apparently gave away 90,000 plus copies of the iBooks Author software for textbook production.  If these numbers and trends continue, Apple could well have the largest […]

What Apple Must Do To Make The Education Initiative Work

This morning, Apple announced their new initiative to make education one of their highest priorities.  This announcement has not really changed their stance on the subject of education, but the way in which they did it deserves merit. The first thing that Apple did is to eliminate the physical books and the cutting down of […]

Apple Introduces iBooks 2.0, ibooks Author and Opens iTunes U to k-12

Apple held an event this morning in New York to announce a slew of education related items.  The first thing off the blocks was the introduction of the update to the iBooks franchise with a version 2.0.  This new version includes a ton of rich media capabilities and allows the introduction of school textbooks, which […]