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The Meeting Minutes

18 July 1978 Meeting began promptly at 7:16. We again introduced ourselves in Lynnwood OMEGA’s meeting room and found 41 members attending. Tom Geer, who is recovering from a broken leg, sent word that he orders his APPLE hardware directly from APPLE in California and dispelled any contrary rumors that had been circulating. We’ve got […]

Meeting Minutes

A.P.P.L.E. Meeting Minutes

February 1978 MeetingDate: 21 February 1978Time: 7pmLocation: Computerland Federal Way Minutes: We met at Computerland in Federal Way, and Val Golding called us to order at 7:05 PM. A motion was approved to call ourselves A P.P.L.E., standing for Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange. Val was unanimously elected president and Mike Thyng was elected Secretary. […]