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The RetroMacCast Episode 560 — Three Cat Maximum

The 560th episode of the RetroMacCast has been posted to the RetroMacCast website. In this episode, James and John talk about their eBay finds including: MacEffects Mac Portable 8MB card, computer lot, and PowerBook 550c. John also takes the time to talk about a SCSI hard drive replacement, and news includes the Action Retro Libretto Hackintosh, System 7 Today return, Lisa X […]

RetroMacCast Episodes 555, 556, and 557 Released

James Savage and John Leake, curators of the RetroMacCast, have released three episodes of their podcast simultaneously. In these three episodes, they cover : A number of eBay finds including Power Computing 100, SuperMac C600, and Power Computing Field Vest, Power Mac G4 Cube prototype shell, Mac Classic II, and classic Mac lot, Macintosh TV, Color Classic, and Macintosh 128k. In Episode […]

RetroMacCast Episode 554 Released

The 554th episode of the RetroMacCast has been released. In this episode, James & John discuss their latest eBay Finds including the following:  Mac icons mug, collection of Steve Jobs magazines, and Chiat/Day newspaper congratulations. James also unveils The Macintosh Office, and news includes a tiny all-in-one Macintosh LC, Captain’s Quarters II, and NanoRaptor creations. The RetroMacCast is produced by James […]

The Northern Spy — Forecasting a Year in Technology and …

The Northern Spy

January 2021 The Technology Industry did well in the otherwise annus horribilis of 2020. Remote teaching, learning, business and personal teleconferencing, combined with the need to outfit and/or upgrade home offices meant that sales of computing equipment finished well after a short-lived COVID-induced slowdown. Preliminary indications to the third quarter show that Lenovo, GP, and […]