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Two player Karateka released!

Charles Mangin from Retroconnector has released a version for two players! Here is the info from his site: One of the first games I ever played on my family’s Apple IIe was the Jordan Mechner master work, Karateka. Fight the bad guys, save the princess – it’s a simple but classic formula. My brother and […]

Apple ][ Game Server and Disk Server Now Available in Mobile form

  Egan Ford, creator and curator of the Apple ][ Game Server and the Apple ][  Disk Server has created mobile versions of the website.  This allows those users with iPhones to use the iOS based device to load their Apple ][ computer with games or disks directly from the Internet. The mobile version of […]

New version of the iCade on its Way!

The ever popular iCade cabinet from ThinkGeek has been totally re-designed.  The newest design loses the cabinet and is a sleek docking station along the lines of the Atari Arcade.  The primary difference is the fact that this version will support landscape mode as well.  The launch of the product is expected to be sometime […]