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Shining a Light on Retrobrite

After I gave a presentation on Retrobrite at KansasFest, people asked me to write about the process, never wrote about Retrobrite as there are so many articles and videos on the internet but finally found some time to write about it. There are many ways to Retrobrite.  I avoid submerging because it’s a waste of […]

Spring-Time Retro Computer Convention Scheduled for May 25-27

Payton Byrd has announced a new Spring Time Retro Computer Convention for Clarksville, Tennessee in lieu of this years C4 convention.  The announement in CSA2 placed the convention at the Riverview Inn ( ]) in Clarksville. According to the announcement by Payton, “It would be the last weekend of May, (25-27) and we’d have the […]