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Apple II 512K NVRAM Card Updated

Ralle Pa has announced the release of an updated version of the 512 KB NVRAM Drive Card for the Apple II computer. According to the posting on FaceBook, the newer version uses one less chip than the older version. This card is a ProDOS based card and uses a special protocol to write to the […]


This week, TubeTimeUS on Twitter announced that he had successfully replicated the Quadram Quadlink card from the 1980’s.  While Quadram was better known for their RAM cards, the Quadlink offered a ray of hop to those computer users who wanted the best of both worlds, the XT and the Apple II. Sporting a look right […]

ProDOS ROM-Drive Version 3

Terence Boldt has been a busy man lately with his fixes to the ProDOS ROM-Drive Card. He has created a version 3.0 or the card and is currently finalizing the firmware of it, with changes and fixes coming in the past few days. The ProDOS ROM-Drive card is a solid state 1mb card for the […]

ColdMac 2022 is now online

The latest rendition fo ColdMac from Mac Fixer is online. The annual startup of the annual test of the 2009 iMac has been upgraded a bit this year with some addition caching and query optimizing according to the owner. According to the ColdMac website, ” ColdMac is an old Apple computer that lives in my […]

Apple ][/][+ Motherboard Test Sheets

From the europlus zone blog: [I’m happy to announce] four test sheets covering the major revisions of Apple ][ and ][+ motherboards: WOzFest Labs Apple II Motherboard Test Sheet – Revision 0 WOzFest Labs Apple II Motherboard Test Sheet – Revision 1-4 WOzFest Labs Apple II Motherboard Test Sheet – Revision 7 WOzFest Labs Apple II Motherboard […]

iPad Pro on the Apple IIgs

Bill Davis, a long time Apple user found a new way of asking the question “Why” this week and answering it with his own “because I Can!” He figured out the VidHD card was the perfect tool for connecting his Apple IIgs computer to the Apple, Inc. produced iPad Pro. Using the 1080p video output […]

Apple II Breadboard Card

Renee Harke has created an Apple II Breadboard Adapter Card that any Apple II electronics hacker will love. The Apple II Breadboard Adapter card design is complete with a 50 pin socket, all of the bus signals and the space to add a standard 830 point solder-less breadboard to the card. The card design files […]

Applesauce 1.41 Released

Just thought I’d say Happy Holidays to everyone here as well as share an Applesauce update. I don’t come on to Facebook much these days as I have been in the midst of a multi-month long move. But I have been knocking away on the Applesauce client whenever I have had the free chance. I […]

Firmware Update for wDrive Released

KbooHK has released a new Firmware update for his wDrive. Firmware version 1.0b5 mainly fixes smartport images that cannot be booted under the wDrive’s boot menu! wDrive (connect as drive A) has limitations with how it works with the Apple IIc when booting smartport images. When hdv/2mg files are selected in the boot menu, they […]