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Applesauce Version 1.0.4 Released

The latest version of the Applesauce Floppy Drive Controller client software has been released.  John Morris, creator of Applesauce, pushed the update out through the automatic update feature now included in Applesauce.  Included in this release are the following updates and fixes: * Flux Imaging now happens 25% faster! * Created Bulk Processing system under […]

Booting from IDE drive when there are SATA drives

This is a generic sort of article… I have only tried it on one type of machine but this advice may prove useful in other situations. As regular readers know, I volunteer at an educational non-profit organisation every Friday as a systems administrator.One of the privileges is I get to borrow a computer every so […]

How to automatically mount an NFS drive (UNIX network) on OS X

This article is a variation/enhancement to a post I found at for a FreeNAS server. Of course purely Mac folks would likely want to stick with the AFP protocol. In terms of generalities the NFS server does not necessarily have to be running FreeNAS. It just has to work. FreeNAS is basically a “Swiss […]

Apple Mash

Last issue I talked about the general specs of the PERSCI 277 eight inch floppy disk drive. This issue I want to discuss some of the uses for a floppy disc and why anyone would even want one. But first, let me digress. Since Apple has announced its own Disc II, why should I be […]

Apple Mash

COMPUTER COMPONENTS – formerly known as COMPUTER PLAYGROUND offers some large storage for Apple users in the form of PERSCI floppy drives.  This is the first in a series of articles about the “large” floppies available for the Apple ][ The drive is the PerSci Model 277 dual diskette drive.  this means it has two […]