Category: Prototypes

Apple II Breadboard Card

Renee Harke has created an Apple II Breadboard Adapter Card that any Apple II electronics hacker will love. The Apple II Breadboard Adapter card design is complete with a 50 pin socket, all of the bus signals and the space to add a standard 830 point solder-less breadboard to the card. The card design files […]

The Apple II+ Mini

An enterprising Apple II fan on Facebook, “Kboo HK” has released a video of her latest creation, The Apple II+ Mini.  This hand built Apple II+ actually is the size of an old school Gameboy or there about and while it’s size is diminutive, the things it can do are actually quite amazing. The main […]

A Look into the Original Apple Design Book

Have you ever wondered what Apple had in mind when it was designing new Apple IIgs machines back in the 1980’s?  Lim Thye Chen gives us a brief glimpse into some of those designs of prototypical Apple machines with a few pictures from the original Apple Design book at: While this is not the […]