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Australian Apple Review Officially Released in Downunder Chat

The Australian Apple Review has been officially released by A.P.P.L.E..  The release announcement occurred last evening in the Downunder Chat on A2Central’s IRC channel.   Accordsing to the announcement made by A.P.P.L.E.’s Bill Martens, “The project is the culmination of a number of people including Andrew Roughan, Brian Wiser and even the National Library of Australia.” […]

Number Bases

By Lynne RyderAustralian Apple Review Vol 4 No 3 PP32-33 Another topic which often causes difficulty for students, yet lends itself elegantly to the computer, is number bases. I am including two short programs – the first written by one of my students, Sandi Steeple which generates numbers for bases less than 10, while the […]

Teddy Bear-rels of Fun

Australian Apple Review – June 1987 The caption on the box of this delightful program declares “for people of all ages’ and if the widely varying age-groups attending Sydney’s annual Teddy Bear’s Picnic in Wentworth Park are anything to go by, it’s probably true. Everyone seems to have had a Teddy Bear at one time […]

Notes ‘n Files

Australian Apple Review June 1987 Designed for the Apple IIGSby Gareth Powell THE flow of programs for the Apple II GS is slow but certain. The software houses realise that this machine has its own very special following and that an integration of games, graphics and business programs is what is needed. There have very […]

Create with Garfield! – A Review

Australian Apple Review – June 1987Deluxe Editionby Eric Holroyd This program was originally released in 1986 and has now been re-released with the ‘Deluxe’ tag. The new version has several enhancements over it’s predecessor including improved printer drivers and the very handy option to return to the previous screen you worked on by pressing CRTUC. […]

Chem Lab – A Review

Australian Apple Review June 1987 Chemistry concepts and theories are not the easiest to grasp for the average student and chemistry as it is taught in our schools today seems to be either loved (mainly because the student finds the chemical principles logical and simple to understand) or hated (for those students who see no […]

Battlefront – A Review

Strategic Studies GroupRequires 64K AppleAustralian Apple Review June 1987 Nowhere is the expression ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’ more apt than when describing wargames. In the days pre-computer, wargaming was not only an art of strategy and tactics on the battlefield, but also around the house where firstly irate parents would threaten to […]