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Computer Frontiers: To Boldly Go

by James Capparell, Publisher II Computing Volume 1 Number 1October / November 1985 “Computers – the final frontier, these are the voyages ….” An unusual introduction to a new column perhaps, but as an old Star Trek fan, I remember it was an invitation like this that opened the door to “strange new worlds:’ The […]

Whither Apple?

DeWitt Robbeloth II Computing Volume 1 Number 1October / November 1985 The computer world was stunned in June when Apple Computer, Inc. announced, in effect, that cofounder and Chairman of the Board Steven Jobs had been unhorsed in a corporate joust with Apple’s President and Chief Executive Officer, John Sculley. Sculley convinced the Board of […]

Brave New Words

by DeWITT ROBBELOTH, EDITOR II Computing Volume 1 Number 1 October / November 1985 Thanks for giving us a chance to introduce ourselves. II Computing is a new magazine specifically for those of us who own or use some type of Apple II computer. That includes the II, II+, IIe and IIe and all future […]