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Pro Football Prognosticator

Beat the spread with your Apple by DAVID COWLES and BILL MARQUARDT II Computing MagazineOCTOBER / NOVEMBER 1985Works with DOS 3.3 and ProDOS When the Miami Dolphins met the San Francisco 49’ers in the Superbowl last January, the “Vegas line” favored the Niners by three points. This “spread” meant that an even-money bettor on the […]

A Change of Heart

A CHANGE OF HEARTNew instructions grace the 65C02by MORGAN P. CAFFREY II Computing V1N1October / November 1985 About the Author Morgan P Caffrey is a programmer/ analyst concentrating on expert systems, databases and telecommunicatiom seftware. He was an early Apple II owner and former technical editor for Apple Orchard magazine. Assembly Language 65C02 The heart […]

Track Halley’s Comet

by Donald Tattersfield II Computing Volume 1 Number 1October / November 1985 TRACK HALLEY’S COMET — Where to look, when to look HALLEY’S COMET 1985-1986 By now you must know — via newspapers, television and scientific journals — that Halley’s comet approaches. It last appeared in 1910. In the intervening time it has followed an […]

Whither Apple?

DeWitt Robbeloth II Computing Volume 1 Number 1October / November 1985 The computer world was stunned in June when Apple Computer, Inc. announced, in effect, that cofounder and Chairman of the Board Steven Jobs had been unhorsed in a corporate joust with Apple’s President and Chief Executive Officer, John Sculley. Sculley convinced the Board of […]

Brave New Words

by DeWITT ROBBELOTH, EDITOR II Computing Volume 1 Number 1 October / November 1985 Thanks for giving us a chance to introduce ourselves. II Computing is a new magazine specifically for those of us who own or use some type of Apple II computer. That includes the II, II+, IIe and IIe and all future […]

II Computing Menu Program

II Computing MagazineOctober / November 1985 The following program was produced by Antic Publishing, Inc. for the II Computing Magazine “Action” disk which came with the magazine. 10 REM * II COMPUTING VOL.1 NO.120 REM * COPYRIGHT 198530 REM * ANTIC PUBLISHING, INC.40 GOSUB 30050 VTAB 5 + L * 2: HTAB H(L): PRINT ST$(L)60 […]