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RetroMacCast Episode 484 Released

James and john have been busy at work on the latest episode of the Retro Mac Cast.   In this episode, “James and John discuss eBay finds: ColorClassic II, Quadra 700, and AppleInteractive Television Box. They get a visit from David Greelish and talk about his new Lisa project,and news includes a conceptual iPod case for […]

Applewin Emulator Updated

The Applewin Apple II Emulator has been updated.   Version was released with two main changes within the program.  They include: “[Bug #599] Fix for Ultima V not loading in Authentic Speed mode (regression introduced at [Change #205] Added support for Apple II/II+ custom 2K video ROMs. Extended command line switch: -videorom.  If the […]

Nox Archaist Game Engine

Chris Torrence sits down with 6502 Workshop’s Mark Lemmert to chat about the internals of Nox Archaist, Mark’s new Ultima-inspired computer role-playing game. Click here to learn about Mark’s build process, monster and tile creation, and much more!   Then, in part 2, Chris takes on the Orc Shaman in an epic boss battle.

KbooHK WDrive floppy emulator – first look

The Apple II floppy emulator options have been shrinking lately, with availability being limited to a few devices. From the CFFA 3000 last run to most other devices deprecated, there’s only two or three available right now. That’s why KbooHK coming into the Apple II community is quite welcome, and their product promises a great […]