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Apple Products from the current generation of items.

RetroChallenge RC2019/10

Greetings everybody! The RetroChallenge is now calling for entries in the RC2019/10 competition (1st-31st October, 2019). Time to get you thinking caps on and come up with a retro inspired project and join in the fun with other contestants blogging, tweeting, and generally having fun. If you haven’t joined in before, pop on over to […]

Mactracker App Updated

The Mactracker app has been updated. Mac tracker, a program created by Ian page, gives details of all the current and past Mac and Apple systems products and devices. Mactracker version 7.8.2 was released on 6 September and offers the following updates to the application. Adds details on the latest macOS releases. Update support status […]

3D-Engine V.1.10 released!

On August, 1st 8-Bit-Shack has released V.1.10 of the 3D-Engine into the wild! A self-running demo of this release is also available as DSK-image for use on real wood or with an emulator! Features 3D-scene rendering engine controlled by user defined script Up to 8 3D-objects per scene with individual rendering settings 3D-rendering engine features: simple and fast wireframe mode hidden line algorithm […]

Nox Archaist Kickstarter is LIVE!

The 6502 Workshop team is pleased to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for the boxed edition of Nox Archaist is now live! Click here to pledge! What’s better than a brand new, hand-coded 8-bit classic 80s era tile based RPG?  Answer: One that comes in an awesome collector’s edition box with lots of cool physical goodies! What’s […]