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CALL -151 – New Facebook Apple II Programming Group

Join our new group dedicated to all sorts of Apple II programming. Enjoy exclusive content and participate in experts’ discussions. Current content: Beta-releases of demos and tools (e.g. pre-releases of ID2 for early-bird testing) Behind the scenes of hardware autodetection: How ID2 works Exclusive HowTo-video tutorials and much more! Made by people and for people who still enjoy […]

Inform 6 Updated

David Kinder has announced the latest release of the Inform 6 Compiler for Interactive Fiction. Inform 6.36 includes a bunch of newly added features and bug fixes including the following: Features added The algorithm used to apply abbreviations for Z-code has been replaced with a more efficient dynamic programming algorithm, based on the paper by […]

ColdMac 10

If you think it is cold where you live, you might try living in Boston in the dead of winter. To top that, MacFixer (@macfixr or is doing their annual Put the Macintosh out in the cold and see if it survives trick. Only, this is no ordinary trick. ColdMac 10 is a 2009 […]

ProZap 1.1 Released

Seattle, Washington — 11 November, 2020 — Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange (A.P.P.L.E.) is proud to announce the availability of the immediate release of “ProZAP: A ProDOS Block Read/Write Utility” Version 1.1 written by Gary Charpentier, Val J. Golding, Greg Kielian, and David Sparks in 1984. The latest version 1.1 release of ProZAP includes bug […]